Oh this is a good one!

Local Councils have been the main reason for the many small businesses going bust!

I have watched dozens go out if business that I use. I have also list count of the number of High Street stores going bust and stating empty. Lost count too of the number of new businesses opening up and then closing again, including big businesses!

Everyone says the same thing!

Except when it comes to reality and the pulse on the local people local councils have lost it entirely! In fact they just it a very long time ago and it is this desire to turn picnic services into big business that had caused it to be cut off! But do they make changes? No!

The culture in Britain today is to not only become ignorant because they have become big businesses but to also just lash out at the next petiole to find their wages!

In this BBC report local councils have come up with the bright idea to tax supermarkets! Which will make them put up costs to the shoppers so we end up paying the councils anyways?!

Will they give out business rates cuts to help small business?!

Will they, hell!

They make me FECKING laugh! They screw business for money in different forms and when they go bust they’re all ‘oh tough shit, that’s business!’ but when they feck up they cannot go down, oh no! They want everyone else to bloody pay for them!!

Yeah like FECK its for small business you bloody jerk offs! Come up with this ten years ago and even six and you might have gotten away with it, though not with me! Lol!

English councils propose ‘Tesco tax’


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