Well what do you know?

Amazon reports a rather large, and surprising even me, quarterly loss?!

All I can say is that there must be more than just British people pissed off with Amazon?!

The loss amounted to $126 Million!

Chairmen of the board must have choked on their cornflakes?! Or is it Cheerios? Rice Crispies?

What with the number if accusations rife, not to mention my exposing them as being only one tenth the company they started it being. There sudden inability to deliver goods for not help either! Even now I should have been playing a new game, called Dishonoured?! I ordered it last Tuesday especially so it would arrive by Friday at the latest? It never arrived by Saturday and had only just despatched?!

There are done rows over pre-ordering too and several other things that has me now banning them from having any advertisements on my blog! Could have been a good small earner for me but I cannot recommend, ergo have adverts, for companies like that and that also evade taxes on a humongous scale!

Once again another large company run by idiots thinking itself untouchable fails to understand or see the bigger picture until it’s almost too late?! Hire many other wankers will go from being on top of the world while pissing down on those below while telling them it is raining to drowning in their own urine?

I would water that the next couple of years will show us and I think they future has a grin on its face with a number of big surprise in store?!

Amazon reports $126m quarterly loss


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