Well it’s a blooming pain in the posterior with this heat!

I have one hell of a cracking headache yet again for the third night in a row or more!

To make matters worse I have also has the extremely intense aches in the legs now for about the fifth day in a row!

Plus my other little umm … problem I am getting a little pressure applied to hike up to a hospital and telling me how serious it is. No, it could be serious, might be nothing.

I know this is because we had a mutual friend who had a lump, albeit different area, and kept putting off being it sorted out and even just looked at.

Our old mate died as a result of this putting off getting things looked at but he put this off for a long time, in my defence.

I simply was not sure and after awhile then thought ‘no, something is definitely not right here’ to doubting it again and back to bring fairly sure they’re is something amiss!

Would turn out typical if I bought the farm at this body stage?! Lol. The lyrics of Alanis Morrisette are ringing in my ears now that I have typed that! Lol!

What a really bad combination and it’s hard to stay positive about things when your head feels like Mjolnir is performing to a disco beat on it?!

Oh and I forgot to get a music CD yet again to test the speed of copying and converting music into flac (Free Lossless Audio Codec) files.

I could not read my external she tonight which had prevented me from uploading more parts to the gaming rig build, which is annoying. Of this is deliberately being hampered by Microsoft because I bought a dodgy copy of Windows through Amazon I will let them have it if they fail to send the complimentary pack they said they would send me!

Annoyingly I discovered tonight that my copy of Dishonoured I purchased off Amazon on Tuesday has not even despatched yet and I am growing tired of Amazon and their bullshit. In fact I was adjusting the layout of the blogs when I noticed I had Amazon ads left on there so quickly removed them!

No one performing underhanded things are allowed to have adverts on my blogs it is as simple as that! The same applies to discovering underhanded things about anyone I may currently have adverts in place for!

As for my Fibromyalgia, well I am sure it is currently trying to kill me and drive me to distraction?!


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