Just a little message I sent to Eon …

Dear Sirs

I will apologise regarding the lack of payment despite you STILL doing bugger all in the way of me being a vulnerable customer nor handing me an email address … soooo guess what I am going to say next ….

I do not give a flying feck about your letters about letting you know and you have ignored me about this for bloody months if not years now and I am now going to ignore you!

If you desire to go back to the threats that you liked to hand out previously then by all means do so, there will only be one winner and it will not be you despite your size! But then if you bothered to read the blogs instead of sending someone all the way down to my house, who themselves could have read my blogs in the time it took to wait, plan and then come down here, then what more is there to say?

You have no such thing as a vulnerable customer option! It means absolutely nothing!

Right now onto tearing shite off you part two!

Your staff member took a meter reading while she was here. A meter reading was taken just a few weeks before she visited and now you have emailed me to state that my meter us due to be rewad again?!


Oh and why is my bill £250?!

Oh and while we are on the subject, I have Fibrofog and a bad memory, I had noticed in the news that there was some isse with you and selling tariffs to people that did bugger all. Then I remembered that I got a phone-call from one of your staff a while back talking me into changing my tariff and yet not a bloody thing changed?!

Did you screw me over?!

I am posting this letter to you on the blog so that my readers know … oooh yeah I thought for ages that Google were giving me the wrong number which is now almost 200,000 in all but my shocked daughter called me up, tech and Internet savvy that one, and asked if I knew I had received half a million visitors to my Google stuff? Most others, she tells me, are only in double figures and explained how she got the shock of her life when she spotted this.

So did I especially with Google feeding figures only about 22% of that figure?! Bad Google!

You will now get three payments of differing amounts between …. well now and two weeks from today.

Oh and umm people keep selling me refurbished goods and it all of them and involves everyone too! PC World sold me a solid metal professional keyboard, Corsair Vengeance K70, which had a large buckle at one end and despite this being a brand new keyboard they cannot get a new one from Corsair, just what Littlewoods Catalogue, Very Catalogue, B&Q and Argos among others stated to me meaning that … everything is refurbished!

Funny how the one thing you cannot sell to people refurbished keeps going up though?! Energy prices in case you were wondering?!

 O wonder what, pray tell, the British Public will say about that when they wake up and smell the coffee?!?!


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