Oooh I am supposed to be scared now becaue ‘The Author’ has messaged me?!


Jesus its like a comic book!

Anyway he said stuff, the same old shite I am afraid, and now I have said some stuff, the same old shite the refuse to answer and it will contiunue on like this because I am not in school, this is the United Kingdom and we have all seen on the news in recent years what happens when you stop freedom of speech … evil people get away with the most depraved crimes!

But hey, who cares right? As long as your backers and per providers are happy and you pay your bills and pay for that big house?


Oh and by the way, your sites SHITE along with you not dealking with the biggest problem for Fibromylagia sufferers in that its ignored by the NHS even when they know you have it because had you actually now had ytour knee jerk reaction and asked I would have explained that once they realise I was close they gavce me the to correct drugs that worked for the first time in over 15 years of giving me drugs! Except I diagnosed it and several weeks after taking Amitriptyline!

Now unless your completely brain dead …

Fifteen years plus of drugs …

My thinking Charcot Marie Tooth Disease …

Giving me Gabapentin for 9 weeks up to 900MG per day and then made me ill followed by …


But they have been plying me with the first to drugs that work and the only two drugs that work for three months yet I discover that it is Fibromyalgia?! Ultrasound test admitted on tape was fabricated?!

How can you speak about your difficulties with any condition without telling people you were lied to and why is it wrong to do this when you have the proof?!

DICKWADS! I cannot stand authoritarian people at the best of times but when they are jumped up and power trippy types with little understanding of the law, the condition or what goes on within the NHS and behave like children I get angry about it.


This is a Fibriomyalghia thing and when they choose to ignore repeatedly I will chew their heads off! AT the end of the day they can do and decide to say what they want, it wont ever make them right and they will remian wrong. The only ct to hide the fact that they were wrong and fucked up and then silewnce the person winning the argument.

Oh and he states he shows me where it was edited?!

Oh yeah, he did that alliright, except all its got is the words EDITED and does not state what it was that was edited out?!

I will be honest this is so much like the double standards within the NHS it is scary! 

Also why would you NOT want to know you were lied to and shut the person up with the truth?! Unless you were already aware that is?!

You see I also get worried, just as I did with the GPs, when they do not react with concern over the fcat I stated the NHS lie and fabricate because of what they told other patients of theirs?

I am sure they will sing like fecking Canaries if a GP was to be taken to court over someone’s death?!

Oh yeah the shite website, I forgot something and hit the reply button and nothing seem to happen so I hit it again a few times before I realised the stupidly done site actually went and posted the same message to Ken The Author several times?!

I guess I will get a warning for that? You know for not realising their wqebsite and buttons do not function properly?! Reply means what it says, it does not mean post all that you just did yet again?!





  • Dear allnights,

    I am very sorry but I have found the need to edit your post replies as they breached several FibroAction Guidelines. Please can I ask you to familiarise yourself with the guidelines. I want to thank you for your understanding in this matter. I have pasted for you below the guidelines that were breached as a result of your post replies:

    5. Be mindful not to post offensive material. Religion and Politics should not be discussed here as it is hard to not offend someone in discussing these.

    5b. In all threads, regardless of whether they are on political subjects or not, care should be taken to avoid offense. Racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination are never allowed.

    5c. In all threads inclusive of Private Message facility NO member of the FibroAction team should be verbally abused in any shape or form. Abusive messages will not be tolerated and could lead to a period of restriction or permanent restriction from the community

    6. Criticism of spelling, punctuation and/or wording of messages will not be tolerated. We have members from around the world, many of whom are affected by Fibro. If you don’t understand a message, just ask the sender to clarify it.

    I have pasted you a link to the full list of FibroAction Guidelines, as to make it easier for you to read them:…

    I have pasted you a link below to the edited posts in question:…

    Once again, I would like to thank you in anticipation of your understanding.

    Ken (TheAuthor)
    (Volunteer Administrator).

    TheAuthor13 hours ago
  • Well you do not have my understanding at all.

    I have told the truth, and I have stated my difficulties with Fibromyalgia, you have all now simply stated the exact same rules to me three times and I resent the insinuation that I have been sexist or racist and this is libellous to do so publicly and that is the law and I suggest you familiarise yourself with it!

    Your moderators have also corrected me with false and wrong information regarding Gabapentin and Pregabalin too and not listed references and now chosen to ignore this.

    I am stunned that I have now had to actually point all this out! The law is the law, you do not make up your own laws, matey!

    Added to this my difficulties wqith Fibromyalgia are down tot he fact I was lied to and I have provided incontrevertible evidence to this, not me just stating what I believe as is what I am getting, and being fobbed off and being lied to is part and parcel to my Fibromyalgia.

    The issue I have, well leaving aside that my free speech is being bullied with threats of being banned , is that you did far worse than thaty you claim I have done by insinuating that I broke the law?! YOU CANT DO THIS!!

    Let me explain …

    Lets forget about the lies and Fibro for 20 years and the 120 symptoims I experience … we will p[ut that to one side …

    I have a degree in Applied Computing and turned down a Doctorate in this whereby I would be teaching Keyhole Surgeons how to oparte by coding the software for them, Peter Pasmore Middlesex University.

    I am skilled in five other areas of science and was a Personal Assistent to a Solicitor in the Enfield area.

    By stopping people from going to another site that does not make a profit you are doing three things… or giving out three messages …

    1 That you find the wbsite given a threat, so acting lie a profit making organisation …

    2 That you think your members are not capable of making their own choices … patronizing them ….

    3 Censoring me telling the truth because every single thing I say has incontrevertible evidence backing it up

    Now as you are technically being libellous, without getting into any other areas of immoral behaviour, can you please explain, without spouting a set of rules that mean absolutely nothing in the real world …

    1 Why you and neither has anyone else explained this fully and …

    2 Why these rules and please do better than ‘because I said so’ your supposed to be a support group of people with my condition and judging by the way everyone reacted and the false information given in correcting me about Gabapentin and Pregabalin and by threatening to bully me off the community you are showeing absolutely no understanding of Fibromyalgia whatsoever!

    3 I have found sites in the past that turned out to be funded by the government and were essentially traps top attract victims of public services and then misinform them, one of these sites is the Consumer Action Group, your not one of those are you?!

    Martin Haswell BSc


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