Unlike the people from Fibro Action …

I don’t edit anything that is out on here even the contents that are not flattering and even the idiots, after all of they want to say completely dunce things without first checking it their facts who am I to argue?

When I was checking out drugs when Gabapentin first made me ill that they produced Pregabalin which is also a neurological drug, used in list doses with the same effect and dies not cause the nausea many get with Gabapentin!

Now have you fit that Mrs Fibro Inaction?

Secondly not only did I read this but when I checked Black’s Medical Dictionary, and this is detailed in full on here, that it states that only two drugs work on Fibromyalgia and these were …

Gabapentin and …

Ergo there was no mention of Pregabalin because it had likely not been released or to early to be tested on Fibromyalgia sufferers whereas Gabapentin had been so.

There are many recorded conversions about this on here and Doctors lying about it and added to this there is admission to the fact Pregabalin is expensive.

Yet a further factor showing that Pregabalin  is much younger than Gabapentin!

Or are the authors of Black’s Medical Dictionary must completely incompetent then?

If you don’t understand my frustration then you know nothing about Fibromyalgia or do not have it very bad or for very long and even so have been lucky enough that the lying to your face about it and the drugs you have been fisheye enough to not have any of this collapse any friendships or relationships!

Funny so that Mrs Fibro Inaction because I know of several that have?! Your a Fibromyalgia Action Group and you do not know this?!

It is funny but throughout my blog I often question charitable groups and these action groups. Especially the cancer ones and have used Herceptin as a prime example to everything that is rotten with the National Health Service and greedy evil drugs companies. I use my own endeavourers and the NHS lying on not one or two, Mrs Fibro Inaction, but dozens, READ DOZENS, of tapes!

There really is no way around it and I also don’t know what the racism jibe was? I can’t recall what I put which was rather convenient for a so called Action Group for Fibromyalgia?!

Anyway whether or not these people were just per trippy women and not staff members or whether or not they were indeed staff members and giving out misinformation, the alternative is that Black’s Dictionary did along with several articles I read and several American Medical Doctors, remains to be seen.

Oddly for someone to quick to correct me using misinterpretation she makes absolutely no remark at all about Sodium oxybate?!

Well they seem to know a mountain of information about Fibromyalgia?! Once again so bout even know about the only drug that effectively deals with Fibromyalgia while getting the ages of other drugs mixed up?!

To call it all she insinuates that I got my drugs wrong and that Amitriptyline is like Gabapentin?!

Fucking don’t that because this is how I mentioned it …

Drugs that work for Fibromyalgia …

1 Sodium oxybate
2 Pregabalin
3 Gabapentin

That’s it!

I would have warbled in about being cautious abut what your tills by GP’s because I am highly experienced in this as this blog proves!

But I am not allowed to do this apparently?! Oh unless it’s because she looked on here and saw what I said about a Muslim and deemed me racist?!

Fucking naive twat and wing once again, Muslim is the religion, not a skin colour you bloody idiot!!

Also try reading what he did! Of you can’t because LIKE I STATED HE IS IN COURT and I cannot divulge what he did and he did do it!

When I do divulge and if it was over that, Mrs Fibro Inaction, then if I starred that you would feel very silly afterwards then I assure you that would be one of the biggest understatements I would ever have made!

Oh and the tying girl I was soaking air is my DAUGHTER!!

My good God, the art of reading (between the lines especially) and writing truly is a vanishing art in this horrid works dominated by Twitter and micro blogging?! Jesus! Now what was the point of the Internet and smartphone over 60 character sms?!


Here is the link to the group.

Like I said these petiole could just be naive moderators and not staff .. or more worryingly they are staff and are attracting lots of Fibromyalgia sufferers to their site and misinforming them for some unknown reason?!

I never thought that when I left a message in their to help a couple of people that I would end up having these things said to me, my pays heavily edited and now watching them like a hawk because they are doing very bad things by misinforming God knows how many Fibromyalgia sufferers?!




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