I am going to explain something that had happened without actually naming anyone or anything.

But I want to get a message out!

I will brief about this because they’re is not much to tell right now but I can tell you that this is one hell of a powder keg and extremely serious and will be a story that will shock and disgust everyone and will involve the news media unless they are completely corrupt.

I also want to state that I am as livid as hell about this and when I am done I would have ripped the arseholes, hearts and spleen from this entire group of people leaving them fearing my name for the rest of eternity!!

The tale is of a young girl who had been let down all her life and despite being warned she trusted the organisations that many think, though much less than there was a decade ago, are there to help and protect you. She had difficulty believing me when I explained this two years ago and she had been left with no doubt whatsoever now!

Based on the claim of someone who is a repeated sex offender who himself is a mile into a court are over this the group … abducted the girl based in the false allegations of a man currently being cross examined…over a kidnapping that went wrong!!

Unfortunately these despicable human beings made a series or extremely bad errors by first being lazy, not doing their jobs, then when finally pulling their thumbs out if their arses they do it incompetently and repeatedly!

I caught them every step of the way!

Now for sometime now I knew I would see a flag that would tell me that the race was about to kick off. A few weeks ago I spotted that flag and when I did I knew that if I was correct that more would follow before long, I just did not know from which direction it would be from!

They dragged the girl away who was completely innocent and the girl had a solicitor at the time. When they asked if she wanted a solicitor they stated that she could not used her own because the solicitor was not on their list?!

Yes I fucking kid you not!!

They then unfairly badgered her and told her she works lose everything that had her in tatters and tears and writing out a suicide note with instructions to certain … things!

The solicitor was told and they went berserk! Literally!!

What this solicitor does not know and would have stated was not relevant is that this … GROUP were doing something to try and so themselves being sued in court! They were also using the young girl whose life had been key down by then several times recently and they along with everyone else ignored?!

But when they were told by a sex offender some false claims that have them the excuse to get at the girl and me they immediately acted in this information, despite completely ignoring both here and her father for years on end!!

What the girl fails to see but had now has explained by her father and solicitor is that they used the fact she was young, managed to get her alone with two large men and then badger her to the point she wanted to commit suicide!!

Purely because of this blog and my recordings of their fecking incompetence that they have shown once again that is going to have me rip the fecking spleen out of them in such a way their jobs will be filled by The Samaritans by the time I am done!!

Yes I know you are fecking reading this you pathetic group if moronic brain dead twats and rest assured I will show you that but only did you gamble wrong but nine of you will have a future left to look forward to once I am done with you and the media have picked over your very bones!!

You dickless lost of bullies … come and pick on the real person who fucked you! Came and confront someone your own size and I will give each of you such a beating that God himself will not recognise you!!

Trust me when you read these words! What I had in store for you had just become a great deal worse by a factor or TEN!!

Your arse wipe piss ants!

You get away with being named … for now! All in good time!

When that time comes trust me when I state that you will be feeling the wrath of the nation once it has become widely known what you did, why you did it and how you bullied a young girl up to the edge of suicide!

You disgusting, FUCKING brain dead load of tax sponging, dickless, IQ challenged morons! Make sure that none of your … staff are EVER in my vicinity because regardless of who you are I will now hospitalise each and every one that enters my vicinity by 100 yards!!

As we will face each other in court at some point in the next twelve months this is going to be tricky for you because this won’t stop me if I am they’re and I won’t recognise the power of the court either because it was their incompetence that caused this all to begin with?!

COMPRENDEZ?! Or would you rather I draw you some FUCKING pictures to be sure?!

All of you need to get it into your thick skulls that your all doing the wrong thing!! Your all on hooks and if you wriggle I am just going to jolt that hook HARD!!!

Let me spell it out for you, add you seem to be mentally challenged…

You screwed up and lied … REPEATEDLY!!

There is no getting around it and no painting the pictures into the colours you want them to be! Every step you make and every move you make are catalogued and analysed to know exactly why you do them. I reveal things on here as and when I want them to be revealed along with when I am given permission to reveal them!

Carrying on pissing me off and I just might not bother with permission! A bit like how the correct paperwork and based on oral words alone has morons handing out passports illegally leading to the passport office grinding to a fecking halt and some bullshit reason given to the media as to why!!

I am sure the British Public would dealt live to know the real reason the fuck up was made and yes you halfwits, I know but then your provably listening to my phone conversations anyway and know that I know this!

Is that why two grown men bullied an innocent you girl and refused to show her any support whatsoever?!

You FUCKING evil twats who think you are a law unto yourselves?! Not fur much longer as the only made you will be able to wear after I am done is ”My IQ is now 5″!


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