Dear Sirs

Are you people being deliberately DUNCE or are you really fucking DUNCE?!
Please do not give me any patronizing waffle about language when your a bunch of lying fraudsters out to con jobless people and disabled people out of money because when you compare what you have done with what I have done?! No fucking competition!!
I have emailed you several times and stated that I cannot attend assessments that are too far away and that Atossers already know this and I have no less than THREE signed letters from this admitting that from previous HOME VISITS they failed quite miserably and pathetically to do so!
Maybe I did not get the point across about how I have an audience to the world on this …
There, that is the letter I just received from Atos and boy, oh boy, oh boy … could you have chosen a harder place to get to from Enfield than Ilford?!
You know if your gonna play delibarately DUNCE do you know think the British public will wonder as to why you all have such power and responsibility when your all lacking in grey matter?! Also you have not considered the backlash when enough people know of your activities!
But then I am only emailing idiot jobsworths that in 12 months time will all be out of work and telling their families … ‘well I dont know how THAT happened?!’
Or maybe you would have screwed so much money out of the British taxpayers that you would not care?! Hmm yes maybe that is more accurate?!
Well that is for the job of others to find out and not me.
Now I am telling you again and I am posting this email IMMEDIATELY after I send it that I cannot and WILL NOT attend a assessment outside of Enfield where I am only going to be set up bu the people I meet anyway and refused any cash.
BECAUSE YOU LIE AND CHEAT! I have ten years plus of documents of both your organisations all on the blog listed above!
You bloody idiots!!
Martin Haswell BSc

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