Ooh now I feel quite queasy.

This time it had nothing to do with my various conditions and is caused by the speeches of two people in politics over the downed Malaysian Aircraft.

These are Russian President Putin and British Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne.

First off was Putin’s normal and badly worded crap, v he really needs to hire someone to use spin, regarding the flight that was sit down …

Putin, when everyone knows you had a hands in it it’s really not a good idea to quite shite how everyone comes together over a tragedy! I mean REALLY? That’s your idea of sidestepping away from the awkward questions? Not a good idea to look pissed off and advert add this will cause your words to find across as hollow. Showing that you don’t really care about the people, but then by rigging your own election you don’t care much about your own?!

You have forced your country to step backwards two or three decades. A shame and I feel sorry for the Russian people, I truly do.

Then there was George Osborne drivelling shite of how everyone cares as does David Cameron in some extremely poor attempt to show themselves as caring while trying to take everyone’s mind off the issue of this country’s deepening debt crisis.

Or of course trying to take everyone’s minds off other issues of how yet again British Government for the umpteenth cannot stand up to big business and are just whimps.

This is because someone needs to answer for why airlines were allowed to continue flying through airspaces of countries engulfed by war?

Nothing … and I mean NOTHING will ever make this sound wise and will just be looked at for what it is, greed to save money on fuel.

Now remember there was a big issue years back, maybe it so is, of pilots being pissed while flying?! Maybe there are are reasons why? If I knew I could be flying through a warzone on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis I am sure I would want to be pissed while doing so?!

Food for thought, don’t you think?

Meanwhile try bit to throw up into your cornflakes, lunch or dinner if either of these drivelling fools are speaking white your eating?!

Yuck. Lol.


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