This is in regards to the Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 and something an American was stating to Sky News, think his name was John Cotts?

He stated it was perfectly safe and normal for commercial airlines to fly over areas of war and that he would be happy to do the same had he been the pilot?

He is completely mad and completely wrong!

I have been thinking the last few days that his on Earth a commercial airline can fly over warzones?! It was ridiculous and I thought that there would be serious repercussions over this? Well it seems not as they see no danger of an aircraft flying over a warzone because of curse surface to assure missiles are so hard to come by!


Secondly and also not looking good fit the American yet again is something else I have never looked the idea of as a kid. The Americans are just one definite country I know of that uses commercial aircraft models within the military. You have the infamous Air Force One of course being a Boeing 747. Also their AWACS aircraft which had a guest radar above it is another commercial line aircraft model. No doubt they use others for cargo and even for soldiers killed in action?

So when your a soldier in a war and you see an aircraft then I would think it’s cannot be a commercial aircraft as that would to utterly stupid so just be a spy or radar aircraft to prepare for attacks from the air and I would have shot it down!

What fucking numpty in the airline industry decided he could tell what weapons anyone had in any given warzone and deem it safe fur commercial aircraft?!

He should be placed against a wall and shot, as an example to the other wankers who place money over 300 lives!

Sorry but these people need to be got at because as the world becomes more cramped and ever more busy with every more people them I warn you now that this will happen again and be increase in frequency too!

The man in the street that they are only know using as a yard stick things that many things are going to kick off. They are off and on abut whether it will kick off in a bigger way than the last one in the UK but everywhere else they do call it. The middle East between Palestine and Israel they think will kick off in a major way before long. Bit like it is now but a bigger way! Of curse we ask know that Israel with end up weeping the Palestinians off the face of the Earth! They will think we’ll if there are no Palestinians left to go running to the media after being punched in the face and clobbered with an axe for being poked with a cocktail stick, metaphorically speaking. No more running to the media, no more incessant firing of rockets and no more bombs! Happy Days!

That is how everyone thinks it will go down one of these days, except for the very naive I think many think the same thing. Most of the naive will belong to certain … races of course.

It is no good marching about what Israel did it’s your shit in your country with your own people. You do not go marching in your thousands over the groups firing the rockets?!

Why not?!

How is it that no journalists have never bothered investigating and getting deep into this or these groups which start the warring?

I heard the chap from Israel, PM Netandyahoo lol, state that they send the Palestinians text messages, emails lol and office calls warning then to get out. But then he states that Hamas, or is it Hammas, forbids them to leave?!

Now to do this I am sorry but your write deliberately murdering your own people for some twisted and selfish cause! This attitude will price the undoing of Muslim people. Because before long everyone will become affected directly by their actions and see them as purely murderous twats, I mean radicals, that are so obsessed they would lady down the bodies of their dead and innocent people for they’re own selfish cause!

Then the obviously badly educated and nature minded people that think this is heroic only make things worse for themselves! No one wants to communicate with anyone who is physically violent and has series mental health issues because of your hatred of anything that dues not let you have your own way! No one! Your lying and two faced murderous twats that you have continually made clear to see!

Don’t be fooled by the media attention because no one trusts the media anymore in the UK and more and more each week and there are less than 50% that pay any attention to the tabloids of TV media. The best you can hope for is all your own people to march in your defence who only succeed in making themselves look naive to the world!

You know you people thought you could get so clever with the use of the Internet but you failed to see the problem if the Internet when everyone has it their pocket!

Because more and more people read blogs like this and then take there were things they had not taken into consideration.

Also consistently moaning, whining, bitching and bleating about Israel, whether you are Palestinian or a naive sympathiser, is not going to change a damn thing …. EVER!

So all your efforts, time, money and heart has been banging an unbreakable wall while stones rain down in your brain dead heads from the twats standing right behind you who keep starting these things because they have no self control! Or in simpleton terms they ate brain dead animals that like to their stones from far away hidden and safe. So they are cowards too!

Naivety is all I see and more and more often in recent years with people thinking that they are only one person bending the rules out of hundreds of thousands and what harm could it do?!

Plus the idiots that get hundreds of their own people killed because firing amateurish rockets will make Israel retaliate and if enough of their own people get killed then the world will be so disgusted that they will force Israel …

Force Israel to do what?!

That is they key question here?!

No one is going to force Israel to do a and thing. They have dinner everything they are prepared to do and that much is obvious but it will never be enough for these morons who fail to see when they were ahead and should have quit.

No ones going to care about you Hamas and if it is ever proved you used your own people and forced them to die to get a message to the world that Israel does not care about your people dying?!

Do you know why?

Because you don’t and they are your people and forced them to die to help in a cause that is supposed to help … umm THEM?!


Jesus Christ, man! Your supposed to believe in a God?! Your joking, right?! Only the devil would come up with the trusted deception that your lot do.

It is the DEVIL that is the matter of deception and cars not for human life unless he can use the snuffing out of a human life to suit his own pleasure or designs.

Sounds a lot like Hamas to me? Come to think if it sounds like this new Isis too?!

Wankers! Just because you ran from a country full of blind naive wankers it dies not make you perfect! Your still a bunch of naive murderous wankers with anger management problems with completely misguided ideals!

High time it is called as it is and you will note my tone on this throughout. Everyone else especially the blindly naive human rights group who would not know a terrorist of they blew up their toilet test them all with kids gloves.

Not me! They are stupid, naive, devil worshipping wankers (well sorry but no God would act like that! Someone all powerful would do it himself if he felt strongly enough)! THE END!


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