Title not mine, someone else’s who is a sufferer of Fibromyalgia and I dare say this person, like me but not listened to nearly enough, will tell you exactly what people refused to listen to.

Which is totally unfair and kept going for nothing more than people’s over inflated egos and complete resistence to admit they were wrong which … well just one make them right! Lol!

The was on a site called HealthUnlocked …


I thought it was funny because I have been telling people its known as the Invisible Illness, quite convenient for the NHS, eh, eh, eh? Lol!

Today I happened across a chance meeting. A chance meeting that was bearing some very good fruit but was cut short by someone that sees there own issues as trumping all others, still never mind. To give you an idea this is someone that thought that KNOWING whether a pair of socks were worn for three days as being more important at finding out the details of the zones of stability in heavy elements in those of an atomic weight higher then 110?!

Yeaaah .. well, what can I say. It was so important to know about the socks that I was stopped from answering a question put to me that would have only had a few words in the answer. But I was rudely stopped because knowing about smelly socks was far more important.

Anyway before a similar thing happened today I had just been rejected from a GP Surgery which was the one I thought had a GP that was familiar with Fibromyalgia and sounded a very good Doctor. Rejected! Oddly I was asked a question of where I lived and as soon as I said where she rejected me. Confused I then pointed out that the NHS stopped all this catchment area business several years ago to which she looked … lost and vacant … like I had just said something in a foreign language?!She then stated they had not done this and I said “Well YES they DID but maybe it was just for hospitals (which she should have known working as a receptionist in a clinic)?” Vacant and blank looks again. Annoyed I left.

I could not help but wonder if they had a big sign up with a picture of me telling them that if someone comes in stating they are from my area they are to refuse me on an old rule that no longer exists anymore?!

So then there I am speaking to this lady who herself has been refused an operation to save her life and was refused it and told too expensive! I do not care how much it costs but it cannot be as much as some of the salaries that pay out?! This attitude over money will prove there undoing, and I will see to that!

I shook my head in disbelief and then told her what I had just suspected, I stated that I am convinced they all talk to each other locally about patients and then she nodded and stated “Well they do!” I asked what and she explained that they all have this get together and all talk and warn each other about patients?! I could not believe my ears and thought that though I suspected this that maybe this was just some wild claim but some crazy woman I never met before?! I asked her how she knew this. Take a wild guess at what she answered?

I was a GP receptionist for ten years, I know all the things they got up to!

Now what I was finding odd was that I knew a relative of hers, it turned out, and this relative did not like me! Yeah I get that! Lol! But this relative knew about this blog and he failed to mention this blogs existence to this person despite the fact she was being refused the operation to save her life?! Of course realising who she was, though as stated never meeting her before, I could not state this little fact.

Now with me sitting on my bike and only being in-between registering, or attempting to, with a new GP I was not going to remain there all day. I felt sorry for this woman and was about to tell her one other thing before offering my blog address when I was cut short by the smelly sock lady?! Can you come back later on and we will do this later?! The question threw me as it was mad and had no meaning after all this lady was not going to wait around, she did not get to hear what I had on the blog, she was already stunned at the lie over the ultrasound test and you could see on her face she wanted to know more.

But due to a little … personal fiasco with the woman’s relative this was far more important to talk about then the woman being told where she can get her hands on evidence that would help her get the operation that it was made clear she most desperately wanted?!

I then said “OK but I am not coming back today, I am looking for a GP that was why I was here.” and thinking “Well feck me is it not bloody obvious? No because your own stuff you want to go on about is far more important than anyone else!”

The incident she wanted to talk about happens about once every year or two without fail, good God it gets so bloody boring. Its one of those times when they want to go over the same menial shit that they keep causing themselves but never want to hear your shit.

My shit changes and theirs remains the same!

Always the same thing, over and over and over again and it always comes across that its more important than anyone else’s, lol. It is funny but I never really refer to how bad my experiences are although it could be claimed I allude to this by stating that I was a once a month fascination of a number of trainee Doctors and that was 9 years ago, a period of time when all the biggest stuff too place!

Then I get people that will quickly say … ‘oh mines far worse than yours’, ‘mines a hundred times worse’ and even ‘mines a thousand times worse!’

I get that shot from my mother … keep it in the playground for feck sake!

Its not! I wont tell you this but its not … not even close. I would be hard pressed to find someone that did not take their own life before going through my shit, I know because I wanted to do it often and even tried it a couple of times, rather incompetently.

I have had people with intelligence and even women state this to me. One pair of ladies I used to know well that came into a store I hung about in stood behind me and heard just ons story about my daughter and I was unaware they were there. I turned around and said “Oh hello ladies … ooh why are you crying?!” They apologized because they could not help but hear my story, regarding my daughter, and burst into tears and asked how I had not taken my own life. I said ‘I had better not tell you the rest of it!’ I then laughed to lighten the mood.

That was 6 years ago!

However I always find it amusing that people resort to being competitive and base it on how they felt. I am never going to state that what someone went through was nothing but I am afraid this is what people do when they make statements like this and it wont do you any favours I assure you.

People like that can only state this if you have read all 2,500 posts on here as without doing so your up a creek without a paddle.

I also have absolutely no idea what people think they will achieve by doing this?! This will get you nothing at all and I advise that you do not repeat this to people within your family and friends as it will drive them away.

I know because I did exactly that for several years though I was right with mine. I stopped myself from doing this after destroying most relationships and the utter devastation, pain and anguish drove me to get all the evidence, secret recordings, videos and documentation I got and spent two years posting it on here!

Or to put it another way the answer to your own comments is staring you right in the face!

But some people do not like praising the achievements of others. Oh, no! This seems to have become a very British thing I am sad to say, lol. Still never mind, the blogs here to teach and steer the British public away from the abyss there are blindfolded from and walking ever closer to. it just needs time to get beyond the self obsession of some, lol.

I digress … a habit I know!

So off I trot … or rather cycle and spending the first half a mile in disbelief at what just happened. Then another shock when on my bike I ran out of steam and had to stop cycling?! I still had the aching thighs and calf muscles and wondered now to why it had persisted?! I had done nothing to cause the aching and painful muscles and now I was out of steam. Then I was dehydrated but I did manage to pick up a can or Rubicom Mango while I was out. 

I walked into the GP surgery after finding it and wanted to register and had the words of the lady I spoke to still ringing in my ears about the GP’s all conversaing with one another about the little people like that of the Gods of Olympus presiding over their kingdom?! So what was the first thing the receptionist stated when I wanted to register?

“Ooh your were on Dr Rooban’s Surgery?!”

That was the name of the surgery allright …. three GPs back!! In fact Dr Rooban I never met and I think he retired and it was taken over by what still is the best GP I had in the Enfield area, Dr Huq!

Of course you can imagine what was racing through my head?! I am being shafted over here by all the GPs locally?!

I asked how she knew this and she then said “I worked on reception there!”

Then and only then I suddenly recognized her! LMAO!

We then had a chat and I asked bout the other girls and asked if they all managed to get jobs! They did fortunately and then I mentioned Linda as she had not mentioned her name and she then said “Ooh yes, you and Linda were always very chatty!!”

Yes the now infamous Linda did indeed get a job! She did not know where, mind you!

After I left I went to a friends place were I bumped into a mutual friend, Mr Naysayer! I told him I got rejected, he asked why, I told him and he said they cannot do that as you can go anywhere you like now and get a GP?! I said “Well I thought that mate and I put that to the receptionist who gave me blank looks and said no that was not the case!”

“Oooh!” was all he could muster!

I told them I had to go back the next day with photo ID but now cannot shake this feeling that they will reject me?! However what I do have on my side now is that the lady on the reception knew me and in the surgery was I was deemed as I stated on here to be the number one popular patient!

You see by sticking to the truth it has now come around full circle and I am now in contact with one of the ladies who worked for Doctor Huq! Also to counter what the local Lloyds Chemist was reeling out I said I wish she had not retired and she said “Oh I know, she was nice and very good!”

But she drew the line at being asked to lie about one particular patient!

I just picked up my FOURTH ACE!!


I also may as well tell you … well half of it that my recent endeavours where to allow me to set off another part of my plan, I just needed to be ignored by everyone for long enough and be able to show that I sent off enough emails to prove my case and my theories to be correct!

The last time I did this was via a JUDGE and a COURT and I …. WON!!

Unfortnately the refused to answer me for fear of being played and manipulated, not nice when it is done to you, eh, but I was doing this and getting exactly what I needed!

Thanks NHS, thanks!!


They really have not figured out the rules just yet!

The Invisible Illness …



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