EDIT: This did not upload when I wrote it! Trouble with Internet connection as I walked along and the app strangely did not bother uploading it when the connection came back?! Oh well.

This is annoying!

I am walking about on a haze but without some usual pains but with oddly adding muscles I have had for forty eight hours and do not know why.

I have just left a 24 hour Tesco having been turned away at the door for being closed?! First off this is the first time ever this has happened at that Tesco store including on Sundays!

Now what is annoying is that there is one in Enfield Town, last one was in the great beauty spot that is Ponders End, which is not 24 hour but which closes at 6pm on Sundays?!

Yeah you figure out the common sense in that one!

I only want diced frozen chicken for a Thai Red Curry! Started fancying that after figuring out that it contains Coconut, Chilli and I always as Cayenne in it too which are all good and recommended fur Fibromyalgia sufferers.

More annoying is that I also for turned away from my local Sainsburys which I thought I had plenty of time to get to?

Last night I had no more 100mg of Gabapentin so I took a 300mg’s pill instead and have a lot more of them then the 100mg’s. This was because they made me I’ll at 900mg. I find the best thing to do is hold of on the pills until a day toy want to do things … most of the time?! Lol!

Today might not be a great example?!

Did not get to Sainsburys because the combination of the Gabapentin and Amitriptyline forced me to sleep in … late!

Got a real shock when I realised it was gone 2pm and a friend I saw recently had text me at 11.30 asking what I was up to, Lol.

I am slow today, slower than normal … and slower than I thought by getting to Sainsburys at 4pm when I actually thought I would get there at 3.30pm! I had to look at my watch where I then just uttered ‘oh shit!’ out loud while listening to Pillow Talk by umm … that bond and cute actress oooh God cannot remember her name?! Loved that movie and I can remember Carry Grant’s name! DORIS DAY!!

Sorry I cheated as it just stated playing so I checked the Walkmans screen! Lol!

Yes my love of music is quite varied to say the least. Rock, Pop, Soul, Old Classics from 60’s and even Classical Music of Mozart and Beethoven.

Wow my muscles are unusually sore and I have now realised that this feeling is quite rare. Despite all that I do I don’t get this much and it had made me wonder something that has indeed occurred to me previously?!

Does Fibromyalgia hide things that are wrong?! Busy firing off these non existent pains it’s plausible to think they may mask real problems?!

I have never had proper muscle pains down as a symptom and certainly not in my legs! Mine have ask been around the areas of tendons. Anything l like muscles is normally a pain that is like an electrical surge that has me involuntarily shake, sometimes violently.

Well every few years Fibromyalgia appears to give me something new, maybe this is just the latest?!

I cannot see how there is now anything left on the list to affect?!

Yoinks!! Sharp pain in my back!

Yes so likely another Fibromyalgia report up and coming?  Now I have managed to stab this out I am hobbling the last few hundred yards to Tesco and just wanted to jot out a few notes I thought about and it takes my mind of the, albeit new, pains.

I thought I could certainly bite off more than I could chew today, this is another aspect I find with Fibromyalgia and me?

I am so hard wired in the head to be active. When I was told of one sufferer I used to know but unaware she had it I could not believe she would remain in her house for days and do very little! That would drive me insane and I have skirted to the edge of insanity enough to know that I do not want to go there ever again!

Ahh now finally I am at Tesco and let me pray it’s still bloody open?!



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