The march over Gaza being bombed was impressive considering they are a minority?!

Funny how they don’t care that the Arabs started it by during rockets and I am sorry but you don’t throw stones at a Lion!

What occurred to me is that when it cones to marches we seem to have lost it and races that are in the minority, well I’m assuming they still are, can put on a show like that in sympathy with the people that keep starting it! Never ever do they campaign for the idiots to stop firing rockets that they know damn well will only result in getting their own kind killed. If Palestinians are dying it’s because Palestinians keep incessantly and boringly firing rockets!

Stop behaving like wild animals and then expect other races to be stupid and naive and be sympathetic when you certainly would not do the same if the tables are turned! In fact you have a fondness fur burning effigies and celebrating over huge bombings like that if 911, which despite my extremely low opinion of the American government is late is still an atrocity and something only the devil himself could have performed.

That is the difference with me I won’t call it as I see it but will call it as it is. I would help anyone but not murderous,  two faced petiole who chain they are so abut peace and love.

You know the Internet had been around long enough now you think it’s about time everyone woke up and smelled that which they have been shovelling?!

I found a site tonight as I was looking up research in Fibromyalgia, Hiatus Hernia, Oesophagitis and Hemorhoids for when it comes to dieting.

Of course the Inguinal hernia in my left groin and the large black lump in my right groin where I had a Hernia repaired (NHS stated neither exist but my recordings of me pulling them to account and then admitting doing it is on here) do not require diets.

Of course this is also true of my knee condition which they also lied about several times over several years and is on a tape on here. Do not all me what it was I was to busy ‘arrrging’ and clutching my knee in pain! Going to assume it’s what two other Doctors did diagnose and that is Torn Meniscus?

The diet for Fibromyalgia deals with pain so could hero these others ailments. But I have had Fibromyalgia a very long time and long before I diagnosed it I noticed changes depending on what I was eating. My research had shown that my initial theories were correct. So another retort in Fibromyalgia is in the works! Lol!

What always drive me nuts was idiot, selfish and blind Doctors telling me to eat particular diets for my different ailments despite the main one being completely ignored and avoided. Now I know I have Fibromyalgia I can explain, if I can find one niue only interested in his ego or perks and what the NHS forces … well I say forces but do not think that is always the case?!

I digress.

Yes know I can explain that I have had to add the most important duet of all to go with the other three I am supposed to stick to, …  but don’t! Don’t because I now know why I have had such trouble shopping which includes remembering what I wanted and getting it home!

Then of course they want me to eat royally and on what they pay you?! This is where health professionals are complete idiots as they talk about eating all these expensive foods like it is nothing.

As for others being messed about for a long time here is a link where I read something similar to myself … I am expecting to now find many more over the next twelve months …

Interesting story. I have had similar difficulties and through my blog I am hearing more and more of this. I’m my case I caught them lying about test results in a number of occasions as well as lying about drugs. Thus across five GP surgeries and six hospitals. What they did not know until recently is I had recorded them all for three years telling these lies and posted them in my blog … I am currently refused a GP because I told the NHS I want one that is not corrupt!

Of course what I knew and also told Doctors is that some things they help with one also aggravate others?

To give you an idea I can now explain this and Fibromyalgia you are supposed to eat Cayenne, Chilli and Beans which the first two do not trouble my heartburn or oesophagitis but beans do! Of course they tell you to avoid these with the latter condition.

It would otherwise be impossible with just Fibromyalgia on its lonesome but it’s not. I am just thankful I have several ailments that do bit demand their own bloody diets?!

Had difficulties today trying not to fall asleep in the afternoon, forced myself of the sofa and nearly fell asleep while I was walking to the kitchen?! Walking?! That’s never happened before and a trifle worrying!

Really had been a rough week in all and the weather and health is preventing me from don’t several things … ooh damn it! Just remembered I was going to film and photograph my Agapanthus, African Lily, which is about to flower for the first time since I bought the bulbs! If you know what Agapanthus are mine are blue. Or at least they better be or I will be ripping crap out if Sainsbury’s next?! Lol!

The link for that now follows …


As for the march against the strikes on the Gaza strip …

Thousands march over Gaza crisis http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-28383460



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