It seems that the the long talked about, in here anyway, subject of free apps, mainly games, bit actually being free.

Of course I am talking about ‘In App Purchases’ which in a very short period of time you can spend double that of a full on console game! I know because I tried some and was shocked and disgusted at the way digital have have gone.

Marvellous is it not? Something wonderful gets created and then a batch of greedy wankers that want to earn millions while sitting on their arse come along and fucking ruin it for everyone!

I am setting PC and console games going the and way little by little. You can get the idea of this when a software house states it wants to be the games equivalent of a film studio … like Pixar?!

So you want to make ten times what everyone else makes and then sell if to greedy and who Disney for billions of dollars who then his to the price of kids films that are several years old?!

Is that what you mean?


For years now you bought a game and it has an online element to it. It started off as a simple but brilliant pairing up or small group of players. Over time it become bigger and better with the key moment and have being Quake 3 Arena! I was green with envy because due to my circumstances I had not a link to the Internet. Long story. But Quake 3 Arena was exclusively an online game really.

You bought the game and it came with the online component.

However this has split down the middle in recent times. But I am afraid it is simply another car and giving out the message that crime is OK, as long as you find a way of doing it legally?!

Games I have played lately do not seem to offer an online multiplayer option and yet one hand I like now has an online only one where you pay through the nose for the game and then again each month to play it?!

I am sorry but that is just utter greed at its very worst in gaming! Good luck trying that on with the console gamers!

I do not mind paying a small monthly fee to one outfit that hosts many different games I play.

There in lies the other problem… now there are done routes of games I am not into because I don’t think I would enjoy them, Real Time Strategies being one. Top down (Isometric?) games and third person games. But I do like Role Playing Games, nooo not that type of role play Lol, and driving games along with the usual First Person Shooting games but I tend to lean away from these nowadays.

Role playing games are so much more interesting and can be so much more diverse. The two games I like are by the same software house and with very different sceneries indeed. One in a lush world were guns have not been invented and more like a twist up of Highlander and Lord of the Rings. Magic, vampires (unfortunately), werewolves, Knights and many others. The animals are far more diverse than the people! The are the Elder Scrolls games.

The other set in a post apocalyptic world where the animals have mutated in very mad ways often thousands of times bigger than there original size. Some are completely new.

The point in both of these titles is your free to be who you want to be. With each there are various rewards and the conversations can be very different. More different than when I think as I always play the and way. Well with the same choices that is and play as myself as I am sure many do. My character in the game is my real character and I find the interactions and things that happen as a result of my actions must interesting indeed. I will write a post about this in the next few days.

But here today we have this sudden stampede to earn money each month while doing fuck all is now being pointed out?! Only you will note that the finger is pointed at Apple?!

Very odd that they chose to finger Apple for this because Google have for a larger percentage of the mobile pie, though not for long trust me on that, with their Android OS. Maybe it all stated on Apple’s iOS and this is why they are being mentioned?!

The thing is it is just as I keep stating, stating, stating and bloody well stating and get ignored. Someone creates something marvellous, wonderful and exciting. You cannot wait to get one and then your in this fecking upgrade thing that starts to piss you off.

After awhile you start birthing that the new upgrades and while new versions of OS’s are suddenly performing things they one did with aplomb now with utter incompetence! Using one of this right now! Utter crap and I will not be buying another gadget that had anything to do with Google and Android.

But then Apple’s iOS is the opposite whereby it looks exactly the same and as far as I know they have not implemented swipe keyboards, widgets or even bigger screens. What?! They were bigger?! Are you sure?! Well put them side by side then? Ooh now I see it! Oh OK then their screens have only grown marginally whereas the Android went mad and he by inches!

You had choice whereas with Apple you did not and the other thing you had no choice with, with Apple was the extortionate price! No other reasons for this other than pure and simple greed, pure and simple. Anyone that stars or thinks otherwise are a few bricks short of a full load.

But this stagnating of their own technology is not the rain for their plummeting sales, so done so get it then, oh no. That’s is because everyone what is copying them when they did bit create anything, turning themselves into that which they hate in their early years.

At the end of the day this works we live in of board members is both outdated and doing a great deal of damage to our progress because if their greed and narrow sighted attitudes.

Time after time they literally think that because they know about money, which they actually do not, this matter them an expert on everything? Err no, it does not.

They then make decisions on companies but make sure their private stash of cash and shares in the company are unaffected. After all if they lose a percentage of their 10 million or more they are hardly going to be eating out of dustbins if they get it wrong? At times they can still cone out better off?! I am sure there are tricks that are not widely known?

Then they just jump ship and wait for the next morons who created something great fit then to buy into and set about ruining for everyone?!

This is not just games and software, oh no! This applies to any companies and over the last twenty years I can think of many that have either vanished or become dreadful and just end up hate because of the above? Hmm a list?

PC World
Our Price

These are just some names of the to of my head. I am sure there are more. Just because someone for lucky with a few deals and became rich dies not mean they know everything about money!

Many make that mistake and this is easily seen. Over realised they made a few choices and now money is hemorrhaging they do boot reverse their decision and about they was wrong, oh no! They then get even tighter with the advances or offers which only kegs to losing ever more people or customers. Then the fault will still bit be accepted as their own and want to be the only ones manufacturing their stuff and take everyone else to court to so them from manufacturing?! Nice! Where are the anti competition laws now? Only apply to ‘outsiders’!

Narrow minded and utterly incompetent because take one company to court and all the others week suddenly be on their guard! Worse still is then teaming together to fight a common enemy. Bow that would be exciting to see!

Thick as shit would be an understatement! Of you gained a lot of money and then lose it, or most of it then you do not know about money, not in the true sense.

Money is about understanding people, bit by who you can screw over and how many times because there is always someone that will address over you or your customers will get fed to with being used and abused and leave for pastures new!

So stop acting like spoilt brats and she those delusions of grandeur because that is what they are!

But they won’t pay attention to done free advice … so I have another idea! Out should be made law, easy enough because you can state your making sure the interests and protection of a large workforce is your concern. Then you make the law widely known that anyone that buys into a company to get into the board must all be made public knowledge and their decisions made public so everyone can see that they are not what they thought and the strutting about like Peacocks with no eye spots!

This will make them think twice about getting involved and the decisions they make!

Of course I loved Microsoft but when Steve Ballmer came in and then to over I could see it all going wrong. He was only in for a year when I realised that their products were no longer their priority and year after year I saw nothing I really liked outside of Windows 7. Everything they did was a kind of menagerie which Windows got sucked into!

Big mistake there as before you turn your number one product, desktop Windows OS with version 8, into a bloated version of your mobile one you should make sure that your mobile one is seen as the best! If not you risk destroying your company!

Why did they do it? My answer would be that they thought in their infinite wisdom, which they lack, that by making their long running and famous desktop Windows look like the mobile version more would buy their mobile products?!


All they should have done is make their mobile OS look and work like their desktop one, familiarity is key. The tiles, Metro, was to much and to big but could have been left for mobile phones where windows would be tricky … well on the ones with the small screens that is.

Then of course there is the price!

Microsoft upped and upped their prices because they’re was no competition around. Do you know what you so when you get greedy like that? Shall I sorrel it out for you?

You create no end of competition! In fact by the time you realise when they have either released or just announced it it’s already too late. For they works have been working on them for several years when you upped your prices beyond a point when half a dozen or note thought they could do it better and cheaper!

After all who works not want just a quarter of the cash that Microsoft have? Let us be honest here?

I still only know one … no two people … ooh key me think here? One local mate has Windows laptop. Another family have five Windows laptops but all Windows XP. They do have a couple of Apples and I would buy them all Apple laptops if I won half a million on the lottery or was paid that for the rights to publish my books?! Or even paid that for this blog?!

Ooh now never thought of that latter remark previously?! Not sure I would do that? But then if I start to think that people are just not telling each other things and therefore Britain has become self centred and amoral as a whole maybe I would become … despondent?!

Provably the first one to approach would also want to take it offline?! Lol!

I digress.

Anyway it is sightly encouraging that the problem if these sickening In App Purchasing criminals are now being singled out, well criminals is what you are as your not moral are you now?

At the end of the day a criminal, when it comes to money, is someone who is either fed up with starving to death of scrapping by for an eternity or someone that wants a luxurious life or material things that cannot otherwise afford because they are sitting on their backsides most of the time! The End.

Hmm how funny, that sounds much like my views of board members in a company?! Except no one bothers them?!

I see misunderstandings about business and money all the time because that which they base their understanding on is wrong. They themselves price this to be the case over and over again. Indeed this is why I have always steered people with little money away from investing large amount of cash in shares. I was proved to be correct in each case. Whether they followed my advice or not.

Gradually it had become worse and worse until it collapse under its own weight of greed and had so yet to recover. Oddly politicians, or just one eh, GO, who stated for 4 years it was getting better and then said recently it was not and wish he did better now has groups saying it’s over?!

Hmm no!

Even in the media they are stating its not over until the man on the street feels it, duh, Finally sank in has it? Yesterday, Saturday 20th July 2014, I was in a local store twice and first around 12 to 2pm and then about 3.30pm. Now maybe he had a customer that paid out a lot of money but judging from the store owners body language I would say no. I even asked and he replied ‘no ones coming out because of the heat!’ He said he felt unwell and ended up closing the shop at 4pm and on a Saturday?!

The lowest figure I have known him to take is £56 and I am talking about Saturdays only. Saturdays should be over £1,000 and better if £2,000 in this industry and one I am very highly experienced and expert in.

I have yet to find out but I am guessing that yesterday was lower than his previous record low?

Lower than fifty? Lower than forty?  For a Saturday?

You cannot make people spend money and if your government and allowing big business to get away with murder and thinking the prior don’t realise?

I have stated it many times before and will do so again .. You can fool some of the people some of the time but never all of the people all of the time.

Now when a whole network of people I know ate telling each other that you cannot trust anything anyone says or anything anyone does not anything you but from anywhere then you have a bloody big problem!

This network is one that even though I spent two years cut off from it, everything I did and everything I said so managed to go around like fire across a pool of petroleum. I was often informed of this and when several people asked people I was in contact with, why I had gone to Norfolk, I was really shocked! I always knew that grapevine was terrible for gossip going back and forth but this turned into impressive!

That was when I was cut off from that grapevine! I am very, very central to that grapevine. What I state does the fire across the pool trick, even when they think I am wrong. But even those being told that think I am wrong are likely to think better of it?

The reason being what I have managed to find, what I have managed to do and everything that I have managed to achieve every since I was 14 years old and possibly earlier?!

People will still ponder about the things they think wrong. We are in a period now where they are semi regularly hearing my things on the media and in living rooms of people someone will utter my name to a revelation of story in the news.

Now we have a five month run up to Christmas and everyone thinks about this much earlier now. Due to the financial difficulties many start putting money away earlier, that is of they are wise not to borrow for a nice Christmas. Well they are rare these days!

Just like the numbers I get on my blogs the average and things occurring build in frequency all the time. It had taken longer than I first thought, with numbers that is, but I am now at the tipping point! Other tipping points are also approaching to arrive later but in the next twelve months. Even after that twelve months there will still be others approaching!

There are … ohh umm five? Six maybe? By the time they have reached their own tipping points a series of others will be on their way to! Another 6 of them!

After this I would have started a couple of others so that whatever I do in whatever subject I will post about online! By then it will be much easier and I will be more in depth and in touch with my other subjects!

You see I change what I do a great deal and currently there are limited to 6 or so subjects. These subjects are themselves limited and not had anywhere near the amount of content I would have liked! Why?

Because of my health conditions and with no transport I can use my range is limited. Money limits me too. I do this without any financial help. Despite my Fibromyalgia of over 100 symptoms, my Hiatus Hernia, Oesophagitis, Torn Meniscus and pain in my right groin from a hernia repair, you see I am limited, they are still trying to find a way to refused to help and support me!

So I don’t sit on my arse, I have a degree in one subject but his enough knowledge in different subjects that I could easily achieve four or more other degrees. Well I don’t know, lol, find my different blogs and have a count up? None of those O have yet to cover you could get a degree in I don’t think? Some sort of award in education yes but not to a degree standard I do not think?

But then if my memory deteriorates any further that statement will no longer his true?!

I digress.

I’m losing on the swings, I’m losing on the roundabouts!

Here is that link about ‘In App Purchasing’ and Apple …

Apple criticised over in-app cash


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