Sorry but it has to be said …

I think the BBC have seriously, seriously screwed up!

I saw a report where they walked up and filmed the wreckage of the downed Malaysia Airlines plane in the Ukraine. Only they showed you several belongings of the passengers which just this alone was very cold and thoughtless.

Added to this is the fact that they filmed a plane seat with a man still strapped into it and you showed you his hand?!

I will simply astounded that the BBC would do this but to be honest after what they did to my father nothing would surprise me!

I stated from day 1 the news media has as much wrong with it as all the public services have. In fact before too long when i realise just how many institutions and organisations and things wrong with them aware of corruption it seems like they were all linked. If you’re going to manipulate an entire populace then you need your fingers in all the pies. Of course this is a great deal easier if you can pinpoint 1 single institution that can control many others.

If you wanted to do this or if i wanted to do this i will head straight to the NHS. Corrupt this one institution gay andrew control you can then control money going to local councils and coming out of the department of work and pensions. I very recently stated to someone that never quite got it before that if you refused to be helped in the beginning then you are not getting the support to work what do menial tasks. Then the taxpayer is forced to pick up bill and these people are simply use this target practice for when things go wrong. Of course eve paperwork in question i’ve had 5 maybe 10_ 15 years their life that has been without any work because they have not had the proper  support!

I am living, breathing proof of this because I studied for a degree to get a career never materialized because of the NHS. A career the after 10 years would now be earning in the region of £300,000 per annum! Forgetting the anguish the mental stress and the daily pain that has to be live through just loss in earnings alone over 10 years is well over 1 million pounds.

The news media can go in for bad taste as they have done in this case but eventually people read my blogs will start to ask why man of my cases have appeared in a tabloid?

The reason why Iam pretty sure I know and the only way that anybody else will know for sure and that is if the media explain why. This information is not to me you understand I don’t really care I spoke to do it anyway but it will be the people that need to be told these explanations.

When I ask questions on this blog anyone for anything is a questions I don’t ask is a questions I believe you the British public should ask. These are literally here to help you make you see make you think and make you ask the awkward questions. I called things awkward questions because i will be awkward for the media if and when the public decide to ask them. The TV news channel Russia Today azul also you made themselves look corrupt by claiming others were manufacturing stories in the news media. I am not claiming that stories are manufactured,  I’m simply claiming that stories are being ignored by the British media for some strange reason unknown to me. Well other than the fact that they have been paid not to, which is the only real possibility.

How peculiar? The dictation using Google Android on this past has quite literally in the space of just two posts give from being way better than typing to way worst?!

I will end by adding that this simply is not possible from a software engineers point of view. It just does not happen than fast?

Link on the story I felt was a bit disgusting.

Pressure grows on Russia over crash http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-28388136


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