Belying belief is the fact that a second story about another commercial key line aircraft crashing and with the same airline!

Malaysia Airlines has another aircraft fall out of the sky and this time it’s clear to all it was shot down by a missile. Although the waters have become muddied over this is clear that it’s pretty safe to assume that it was taken down by the East Ukrainian Rebels who want to be classed as living within Russia.

Of course it could be the Russians themselves and at the minimum may have supplied the means to bring down an aircraft?

I first heard that 35 Americans were on board, which sounded like a suspicious number to me. Then there were the British announced to have been aboard, entire families wiped out in an instant and also 80 children?

That 80 children is a large number of the most shocking and unusually large to my mind.

However it was allowed to fly over a war zone is completely beyond me!

However what we find ourselves in right now is the finger pointing and the statements and claims being launched at each other. Very odd indeed and somewhat worrying.

I certainty works not like to be President Putin right now!

I even her some crazy sounding claims about Russia Today News and as some wild claims of theirs never seen to come to light I am starting to wonder as to them? Obviously not quite as good at sound bites as the western media?!

Now there is all this talk of ‘digital diplomacy’ and in all honest I find this new leading towards digital news highly hilarious and too little too late? No doubt they will try to manipulate and misinform using digital media now?

I will not work and destined to fail but this simple and obvious fact won’t stop them both trying as well as exposing themselves at the same time?

It is not going to be a good time for many these next 12 months!

The fact that pro Russian militia have been turning prior away from the crash site is not good either! It is absolutely astonishing at how prior that use the Internet are completely fecking blind as to the damage it can inflict if your naturally amoral and a complete arsewipe!

Happy days! Or not as the case may be?


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