I am really annoyed with myself today!

I have come downstairs to get ready to go out and find a new GP and yet I have turned on my new PC to be met with a message that my copy of Windows 7 Professional is not genuine?!

I have messaged the people I purchased it from and await there response, though I decided that this was typical Microsoft in not using the English language very well and thought I would put in the product key number … only the number is not where I should have placed it and am convinced I put it somewhere safe but cannot remember where?!

Thank you FIBROFOG!

No I have been scouring my house which is currently a mess but not as bad as it was and I have been unable to find it! This will become stressful and as I search I desperately try to remember what I did with it but the stress forces the fibrofog into action I am afraid to say!

Not even the things that your passionate about or love doing are safe from the fibrofog’s … FOG! Lol!

I have also had a call from my daughter and have to call her back later, while I was typing that out, and she does not seem too happy with the way things are going with the court case which is still ongoing since the 26th June 2014.

It seems the Arab man is trying everything to get out of things and making accusations to my daughter that are untrue. Also it was not thought of to make him swear upon the Qur’an and my daughter had to point this out to her solicitor who had to point it out to the court?! Sorry but the courts should have known this but then they have been corrupt and sitting around with their thumbs up there arses for so long they know nothing of law anymore, not real laws! Not laws based on morals or humanity, no it is all about money and protecting the dickwads with it despite having no brains nor doing their jobs properly.

Protect the money is the way of the law in Britain today for a whole range of reasons I have been talking about on this blog for a very long time now.

After all he happily swore on the Qur’an but it now turns out he did not follow the proper procedure for a Muslim before the swearing, for one it turns out they are supposed to wash their hands, which h did not do. He did not batter an eyelid when he admitted he did indeed lie after swearing on the Qur’an and just proves that these people in the UK have no … honour nor respect for their fellow man even when they are British Court Judges and British Solicitors!

Well if they screw up I am sitting here with a whole line of canons to hot them with a broadside as I will explain in full exactly WHY he is in court and  in particular one particular ITEM he had in his possession he illegally obtained rather easily that will embarrass the government, a certain … OFFICE and not to mention the News Media on both TV and tabloids who reported on the issue for several days and reported it wrong!

Like I stated to my daughter the issue is you have let untold amounts of criminals along with radicals into the UK that have no respect for us, our laws and our traditions, but then who does these days? These animals that lived life under rocks in countries where bombs rained down from the sky and cars they walked past may well have blown up and land mines everywhere. Also punishments in their country involve hands, feet or heads being removed!

Now put thousands of them in the UK and what are the chances they are going to take much notice of our laws and punishments?!

Not at all is the answer I am afraid to say which is why that section is fubar’ed like everything else including the public services and organisations that soak up people’s money like they have been deprived of water by spending a week without it in the Atacama desert and they are paid to handle situations like the one I refer to above!

This includes that office! The P******t Office!

Oh and there is no Legal Aid for what has happened above and to my shock and horror the Solicitors Practise is footing the bill and afterwards they are going to take legal action against the council! Now the Courts and Judges will not like that and it is documented online repeatedly of instances where by they refuse to judge against the councils so much so that Judges walking out of the court and refusing to pass judgement has occurred!

I told my daughter that I have spoken to in excess of 200 solicitors in the South East and never have I come close to talking to anyone like that! Not that good … hmm that is odd?! I just remembered I did speak to one woman who did seem good and she was in the region of where my daughter lives 250 miles away and was a Scottish woman?! I am now wondering if my daughter’s current solicitor has a Scots accent? Lol!

Now THAT would be weird!

As for my copy of Windows? Well would you believe it, I have now received a message to state that this marketplace seller is no longer selling through Amazon and closed his or her account?! Now ain’t that convenient?!

So I have placed a claim and made it clear to Amazon yet again that I have repeatedly told them, no warned them, about this kind of thing and that I see them as being responsible for not making sure people do not sell counterfeit goods!

Everyone wanted to copy eBay without thinking of the consequences, only thinking of the share in the profits of counterfeit goods and bad sellers. Not my problem! THEIRS!



This is not a genuine product!!

This is a copy of Windows 7 Professional that came with a key but the product IMMDIATELY FLAGGED UP not genuine at the point of activation, i.e. after 30 days!!

Somewhat conveniently the seller is no longer with AMAZON?!

In the event that the refund cannot be made then Amazon are liable to the costs for not ensuring marketplace sellers are not selling counterfeit goods!

I have warned you and warned you and warned you about this but too easy for the money to keep flowing in, eh?!

Martin Haswell BSc


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