In yet another move that should not surprise me that does the long awaited news that jobs are being shed … in the news has finally … hit the news!

This one concerns only one corporation but is the biggest of them and like everything else is a victim of not only it’s successes but also it’s naivety and tunnel vision.

I think it’s not unreasonable to assume that many that have lost their jobs, about to lose their jobs as well add worried that they will in the next year or two should now be at least searching for answers and at best realising that everything was FUBAR’D by this government and the last?

If you have been in a journey somewhere in a car and pushed for time and end up in the wrong place you do not blame the passenger do you?! No! You blame the person at the wheel of course!

I do now expect this realisation to become more widely known, you just have to live mathematics 101, and in so doing more and more petiole will become estranged from the government and the system. Of course this means that an ever growing number will then two others?!

So here is a link regarding the BBC, there are many other news groups, who are cutting 415 in their news department. I like how it states ‘further’ and I must have missed a fair few?!

BBC News to cut a further 415 jobs


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