Listening to a man this morning who was upset because of dead relatives in the Gaza strip.

Maybe it’s me, I dunno. But these Palestinians sound completely brain dead at times, they really do!

He is crying. I thought I heard than say the entire family was wiped out? Well except for the one crying I guess, more sensationalism by the BBC without thinking it through?

He states that the Israelis claim this, that and the other and it’s all lies and I thought to myself ‘Umm well you fit a warning mate, that’s more than your fecking lot do! Maybe you don’t say anything in the hope you might get someone?!’

Then the mention of rockets going into Israel is mentioned and that the fire them and suddenly he livens yo and says ‘oh, there are seen as heroes!’

I thought … ‘What?! Are you really that fecking stupid?!’

I then asked myself …

‘Well if they think it’s perfectly OK for their entire family to die just so some fecking wankers can fire rockets into Israel that do not even kill anyone let alone make a blind bit of difference to their plight then what the feck are you doing it for?! Because you have such hatred along with anger management problems that you can sacrifice¬† all your own people and even your own family members so that piss poor rockets can be fired into Israel?! What the feck for?!’

I am sorry … but that is brain dead, it all is! You have a serious genetic defect as a species if you put your own people and even family closer to you to in the during line just do you can do something that causes fuck all in the way of damage and zero kills?!

Sorry but you look no different to angry little people using bows and arrows against dinosaurs! You look stupid, pathetic and with no self control and this is coming from someone who complains about the Jewish too! Because both of you are your own worst enemies and each others but it does not stop there, oh no. You have to drag the rest of the world into your plights using rockets and death to put the plight in the spotlight so to act the wounded injured animals. Bit you what’s the one that fire first!

The fact remains that they dry this is over land when they’re is masses and masses of deserted … desert. It is just they they want this but if land because … you guessed it linked to their job existent Gods.

On the one hand you have the tight fisted, money mad people who seem to like bullying plethora and getting petiole to work for them for next to nothing?!

Blimey a it like the original slaves then? Umm wait a minute?! Was that not … YOU?!

Then on the other you have another group of people who simply fail to see things in scale who want sympathy from others they would staff in the back, rob and want to wipe out just like they want to do the Jewish people!

What makes me laugh is that they actually think everyone else in the works is stupid and would take any notice if either of them?!

No maybe when you so being greedy, angry and hero bent on owning everything out wiping everything else if the face of the earth that is!

Even the BBC Reporter was saying at a funeral that Israel had many awkward questions to answer and then immediately afterwards and edited over the top which was quite obviously much later he said ‘…as do the Palestinians!’

I thought ‘Now what the feck was that? Why did you edit that in later and not day that in front of those in the game yard? Was you forced to say that about Israel or did you simply not have the balls to say ‘and the Palestinians too!’?

I have seen this attitude of Arabs from afar and close up. A possible ring that was going on where they got up to things right under our noses that made half a dozen local Councils, to busy in fining their own people over non proper use of bins or non proper parking of cars, look extremely stupid.

Not only did they show up all Local Councils to be stupid and preoccupied and above all greedy and power mad were incompetent. After all its Local Councils that have been taking things like Political Correctness, Racism and Human Rights down the thrusts of the British people for fecking years. Scaring us into silence while those that they let in run around laughing their heads of and even stating it loud to British people sitting in a pub that ‘You British are stupid and know nothing!’

Yes my friend Star you may well have correctly thought that of the Police, Local Councils and the Department of Work and Pensions. But you made a mistake in thinking all of us were that naive and stupid, my friend. Reading this from a prison cell I put you in or perhaps an overseas country they had no choice but to kick you back to before I raised a right royal hell of a shit storm?

Remember what I told you on the phone? Well tell everyone because those words remain permanent in history and I always carry things out as I promised I would. Which reminds me …

… certain things have not gone … unnoticed. Failed because everyone not does and behaves exactly how they should have done the last twenty years and now they realise their inactive ate what caused it all and that I am living evidence of this fact.

Pay attention to the blogs dickwads because I am teaching everyone else the truth of what your people do. I could use your name but I do not know if it’s your real one?!

I mean you have been done as a child sexism offender twice but still walked fee from prison! I am sure the entire British public would like to know this?!

Especially as they realise that turning a blind eye to the little things ends to turning into the major things and that their infections and silence had our their own children in danger?

What you will learn is that when realised that they have been duped for the longest time and this is why they now fear for their own children, especially those with young daughters!

I cannot begin to tell you of the anger that will rise from this?! Imagine thousands, tens of thousands and maybe hundreds of thousands just like me?!

Imagine MILLIONS?!

There is no amount of Human Rights you can hide behind then when the Human Rights Groups have shown a total disregard for the plight of prpe within their own country while sticking their noses into that of others.

I wonder if we were to ever witness a civilisation on another alien planet and some things were different  to our world would these human rights groups start taking them how they should be? Like missionaries with the natives of foreign lands directing their religious beliefs upon them?

Well they would have to change their name first as these aliens will likely not be human?! Lol!

I cannot come down on one side over another here for far more reasons than those I give here!

Both sides think themselves of a higher calling than each other and if everyone else, bit think they are right so the time and both think they are the chosen ones of God! That’s why you have to make your own fecking rockets?! Because God is great and all powerful?! Dicks!

They do not listen, they won’t stop until one wipes out the other and I for one week make the call that the FECKING MEDIA should leave it alone, it’s old it’s boring and all your doing is deliberately fueling it!

Those that like to show off always take an audience and the stupid, naive and sensationalising British media duly lives to provide!

Start reporting on things closer to home as other than the tosspots you manage to find with standing around with blinkers on our dragged from under a rock, no one cares!

I have a fairly big window into what the public thinks in mitre ways than one, most day they same sort of things to me.

No matter what happens in the middle East no one ever speaks about it because it’s always the fecking same! Boring! View with hearing abut Karzai too, we put him there so so moaning about it!! Lol!

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