Getting angry now with both the Department of Work and Pensions and Atoms who insists on providing convoluted answers to two simple questions …

1 Can I have the letter from the GP you claimed 6 months ago you had asked for?

2 What decision has been made?

They claim that I have an assessment to be arranged … meaning they will ask me to travel to Timbuktu to see a bunch of moron’s, as much as I would dearly love to record them and with my questioning and matter of fact and in your face attitude, two thirds of which are not Doctors and this that are ate not qualified to speak regarding Fibromyalgia as I have only found one and he had not heard of Sodium oxybate!

No assessment had been mentioned up until this point and anyone who had looked back on here will but that I have got then to arrange Home Visits four times and each time failed to turn up and every time lied about why!

It is all in here and they claimed there were steel bins blocking my street door!

Not only do I not have a street door but there are no bins here and you cannot get a steel bin within 100 yards of my house! Cannot explain why but if you was here you would be in no doubt that Atos and the DWP ate lying corrupt twats receiving taxpayers money fraudulently on a very, very big scale!

So two questions. Simple enough? Well, no! Not for either Atos or the DWP it is not it is very complex and it had taken six months to get a letter back from the GP and have avoided to provide me with a reason why.

Hmm I got an email from the PIP department and I think I posted it up?

Well here is my email to Atos who chaired my questions were nothing to do with them and referred me back to PIP?!

It should be understood how irritated anyone would get with two organisations being so evasive over such simple a pair of questions? My Fibromyalgia makes everything ten times harder to desk with and the memory issues do make me, and anyone with Alzheimer’s will confirm, make you extremely ratty!

Simple symptoms to a known medical condition that none of the Evil Trinity, hmm or was it Unholy Trinity, seem to be able to handle.

Again, they do not seem to be able to handle or compensate for … a health condition …

But very good at not doing anything and making to false accusations …

Compare this to everything I have achieved on here in two years asking with the couple of years before the blog went live?!


Dear Geoffrey Hampshire

I see that a line between the dots will need to be in order as you clearly have trouble understanding English desire having a curiously very English sounding surname.

Oddly I have now done this with PIPS who have contacted me already …

So here we go, ate you sitting comfortably and paying attention?

1 I have Fibromyalgia

2 No one at your organisation is qualified to desk with someone with my condition which is one of for conditions I have while Fibromyalgia had 120 … I will allow you tine to catch a calculator …

3 Not only are you not qualified to do jack shite PIP inform me that a assessment is waited on … NO IT’S NOT!!! My last correspondence stated you had written to my GP, something I had carefully planned to the letter!!

5 I can be open now because I have already done fat note than I needed to …

6 Your company lies, don’t care for excuses or that someone made you do it that fact remains!! Michael Meacher had been using my days since January 2013 …


8 Are we THERE YET?!

9 Toy have quite deliberately attempted to muddy the waters on something that was straightforward …

    I) Can I have a coy of the LETTER you got from the GP you claimed in a letter months ago ( note MONTHS) toy claimed you write to my GP for?!

  II) Can I have an explanation as to why it had taken so long?! Neither of these are rocket science, never did I quest anything about ESA. The DLA thing also involved you and I do bit appreciate total tossers playing dumb and talking to me like I am an idiot! Comprendez?!

10 I had some shocked faces today when I explained that my latest GP starred that 7 months waiting for medical records is not unusual, these were NHS staff!

I do not care whether those that devise such inhumane plans against the British public tell their jobsworths or not! They won’t! And I get fed up when something so simple is quite deliberately answered with gobbledy-gook because I am the one that forced the situation to make you walk the plank?!

As we are on the subject how is it that you have not gone yet?! I heard that Atos wriggled out of the contract? Not surprised at this at all, not with what I have been up to!

You can continue this charge if you wish, it only gets posted on the blog were hundreds of thousands visit which will be millions in 2015.

Lastly this brings me into the fact that you held your hands up over a Doctors letter that mentioned Fibromyalgia as a possibility with another claimant. Possibility! She was awarded DLA and £2,000 was paid into her account?!

I just have you a letter that clearly states I have Fibromyalgia!

You and they do not think I know what is going on? Ooh but I so do!

Because I have warned you about this for over three years and warned the DWP about it for ten, bit importantly the last 6 years …

I said that I have been both honest and consistent in my description and account if my health and stated this should count for a lot. It did and dues but was conveniently ignore with plausible deniability. I stated that if you continued to doggedly stick to this that in the end I would won and that the fallout from what I do would be all encompassing.

Being just one claimant with no money I have no doubt that everyone laughed and suffered from delusions of grandeur and overt confidence … IN FACT I WAS BANKING IN THIS AND PLANNING TO USE THIS AGAINST THOSE THAT PERSISTED WITH THE ATTITUDE!

I have. I have won. I do not care that it ear a predecessor or this person or that person, playing the same pass the parcel game while not thinking of just who might be amongst my half a million visitors and who will be in the next half a million, which will be reached in half the time the last one was reached, the result is the same.

Blog numbers acquired on a monthly basis have continued to grow without levelling out at all in what will only be two years next month! Here is where I am continuing to make all of the public services and government look utterly incompetent and brain dead stupid ..

The numbers only go in one direction and this means for both the total number if visitors along with the number of monthly visits each month.

They do NOT go backwards!

They do NOT LEVEL OUT EVEN and have not done so thus far and nor will they.

Now I thought they’re might be a chance to reason with everyone as far add my claim is concerned and see sense? Instead I get dumb arse and convoluted answers.

If your insistent on pursuing your path to self destruction and want to continue with the attitude that your smarter than your … ‘Customers’ despite this email claiming to be customer relations, then just say so!

Then wet can be done with this to’ing  and fro’ing and I can get back to secretly acquiring every nutter damning evidence while my visitors watch as I continue to dodge ever more bullets with great sear and finesses leaving this that insist in during the bullets look ever more blind and pathetic.

All the while making it look blindingly obvious they know they have been caught lying for an extremely long period of time that they are showing by continuing this charade that the eventually costs financially well be severe, the penalties great and the backlash from both the media and the public will be like nothing ever seen before.

Partly because I have been reading those that have been brainwashed into pointing the finger at benefit claimants that the amount if money wasted by corrupt public services and their charade list of Ombudsman would be tends of thousands fold that of the welfare bill!

Of course this does not include the astronomical figure which stands alone a mountain like no other that if the NHS.

Anyone not dunce and that can read more than a few paragraphs will realise I have done this with various Police Forces, Local Councils, MI5 and GCHQ (latter wanted to employ me … TWICE and I bet that will make you think now) along with all Ombudsman, HMRC, the British Legal System and the News Media! There are others!

On the retail side are shop direct, Argos, PC World, B&Q and others and here is how it works …

Here is why I am drawing so much attention …

Here is why I will win and that every corrupt organisation will lose in ways they never dreamed possible …

Purely by telling you the most common thing I get told …

‘You did all that … ALONE?! No money, no help, no transport and most of the time hardly leaving your house and hardly ever leaving Enfield?! That … is … INCREDIBLE! No one had ever managed to do so much to do many different organisations in so many areas all in their own!! No one!!’

Other message I get are thanks for fighting for truth, the people, the poor, the disabled, for children, for animals and yes I do that too!

Best of all?

I did it for two years and for no money whatsoever!

So now that I have explained things in such a way that for the next couple of months you unholy trinity of public services that ate anything but will look far more guilty than you ever have yo until this point to far more people than you have done yo until now!

You see that is the beauty of what I do and that I work alone …

Because I switch from one industry to another and sometimes even doing two or three at the same time! I go quiet with one because I work on another or three, by the time I come back around everyone cross their guard, thinking I am just doing this in some kind of pulse like fashion?

No it’s constant and had been constant for 7 years and had increased in both frequency and intensity during all this time. Like a carousel it always comes back around to the start! The NHS have had theirs and it’s all wrapped up, no escaping it, it’s done! The end!

Now I move onto a e more before leaving the Police to last and their will be the most damaging of all! Everyone thinks they have a hard time now when the reality is … NO! I have not yet finished and even though I am forewarning some to stop they still persist, wiggling right up till the end? I wonder, pray tell, if they would if they realised the scale if the consequences? I think not!

But that’s why it will be bad when the time comes because they all simply failed to see it or heed the warnings.

Now IF you would be so kind to either do one thing or the other?

Two choices I have already explained … but shall now explain, or indeed ask, fur the second time in one email …

1 Will you accept, asking with the DWP, that the battle is lost now and just give in our …

2 Week you persist in your pretty delusional states and continue to muddy simple answer thinking that you cannot be touched, reached or made to pay for the things you have done to the innocent British public while fraudulently claiming billions of pounds over and over again by all of you combined while not performing duties starred to the British people that you were to do for the taxes paid to your all?

You see I myself do not agree with this, you do not forcibly take money from the people and then lie about what you then do with it!

To act in such away against the populace means to act against a country and this for me is treason, as is what MI5 and GCHQ have been doing as well as claiming that the discovery and catching of two terrorist cells in Manchester and Birmingham and a fragmented one in Kubelik was because they spied on us?! No!!

That was because while you, the DWP and the NHS were acting against me for a tiny fraction of money I was recording petiole planning atrocities against the London Olympics while holding my daughter against her will in Liverpool because the system Letty my daughter down when I warned them about that twenty years ago and screwed up … ROYALLY!

This has been to court and another incident had recently been to court and the paperwork is being my way!

Do bit doubt this either because I actually possess the Home Office file on one Arab is in my possession in its entirety and if the self obsessed fraudsters had bothered to look they would noticed it had been published on my blog for nearly two years now!!

Now if this has gone over your head too Letty me explain … I did all that while continuing to gather evidence against British organisations for both fraud and thievery against the British people while doing the jobs of the secret service’s and several Police forces and I can write emails regarding ask these details for as long as I want …



Of you do not like the tone you are a representative and therefore have to take it, I don’t care that you only just found out, IF this turns out to be the case, because I have been decked about for two years and you could have contributed to preventing me from stopping the greatest atrocity this country had ever seen.

Lucky for you I was able to stop it …

Unfortunately due MI5 and GCHQ they fail to understand the idea of reward and proper recognition from someone who very nearly worked for them!

Well that is just too bad.

Now consider that all this is on the blog, the recordings I did and the fact that MI5 phoned me and called me a genius, as did two detectives fur Merseyside Police, whose DNA I have here in the event that they try to deny they were here, or the five hour long tape of the interview and statement.

So please stop with the self delusions, it really well bit so you any favours whatsoever and just answer the two questions I have asked twice now!

Or are you going to stick with the sorry that it takes 7 months to send off a letter and get one back?

Ooh I also stupidly turned down a Doctorate so please … just stop with the holier then thou crap.

Martin Haswell BSc

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