Ladies and Gentlemen…

today I had a phonecall about something unsettling. Something thart has happened to a little boy and all my fault.

I have had a number of … prodigies over the years and one is still only about 9 years old. I got a call from his mother to say he was covered in twenty bruises and the school in question have been bad for ages at handling him. As it was explained to me on the phone I was attempting to get to an NHS centre where I was told I would get another GP, they do not do that anymore.

While on the phone I was also in the vicinity of a building that was going to be purchased by a solicitor friend I was a PA and many other things to, going to start up a business and that I would be put in charge of all these people and an building on Cockfosters in an arch shape. We were to modernise it and sell it off in sections, ore rent it I cannot quite remember.

As I was hearing about this little boy I started to think that maybe I had taught him to be too smart? Just a few days ago I saw him and he was asking me about heavy elements of an atomic weight above 110, like that of Unobtainium, and the zones of stability and someone called Bob Lazar I was shocked he was aware of. I must have mentioned him and it stuck. He was asking me questions I did not know the answer to and telling me things and I said ‘I did not know that, son’.

While on the phone his mother finally started to get things! I was then told that he was being beaten up because he would try and explain things about animals and science to the other kids and they did not understand, so beat him up.

What I had done was impose the child form of that which I had endured also pressed upon me by my own mother. I can even explain that too using the same little boy?!

He has … hmm let us say a step-dad of sorts but the term should be an honourable one, but was not and as I fully expected was not treated as such by this fecked in the head dick-head!

I tried so hard to chat to this twat but I knew he did not like me, in one of the earliest meetings he sat at a dinner table with a PC they had only just acquired and while the boy was asking me complicated questions the guy was checking my answers. The mum was surprised I knew he was doing this. I said that despite the fact I am thought of as a know it all I do in fact know more than I let on, I just hide and and now you see what is happening to the boy you know why!

Not from being beaten up but my forearms are conditioned and I know kung fu and sometimes some people … well they are just asking to be given a goo kicking!!

Oh you disagree?

Well then I will now tell you what this grown man said to this boy who he himself does not like …

“Yeah thats because you think you fecking know everything .. you deserved a good kicking!!”

This boy is 9 and a wafer thin one that still looks 7!

I say once again some people ask for a good kicking and I do not want to go to prison for low life dickheads!

The adult form of this is people, guys mostly, going ‘fecking wanker’ or taking the piss or slagging me off behind my back and thinking that I do not know!

I tru to change tack but it makes no difference in fact after he arrived I said hello to him and he said hello back. The mum came in and asked ‘Where is Chris?!’ I said ‘I do not know, we said hello to each other and he vanished!’

She asked him after I left “Where did you disappear to?” and he said that “Martin was pissing me off so I went round someone’s for a cup of tea!”

I cannot tell you how much I wanted to kick the living daylights out of him when I heard what he said to this little boy!! I am used to the back stabbing from overgrown children who do not possess the balls to say it to my face, umm you need to see me to know why no one has the balls to do this, but taking it out on a child is not acceptable in any shape, form nor planet!

So I am going to have to intervene, a shame as he has now buggered off over this and I have now stated to the mum that maybe now she is starting ti get things.

It really is not easy being me I try my hardest for a whole bunch of people that always seem to mostly prove they are not worthy and just low-life, common, gutter trash!

Only this is the worst thing to do to me and this was meant to be revealed later but seems like a good way to finally show that one final piece?!

If I met … say a woman who had not met me before but was following my blog for 6 months or more I can tell you what would happen if I revealed I was this blogs author?! She would not believe it and would never have guessed!

I imagine all bu the most inquisitive and smartest would think me a bony, scrawbny little geek with Harry Potter like spectacles on?

Try 6 ft1 inch, lean and skilled in king fu, along with Nunchaku and Bo Staffs?  …

Oh and … well you have kinda seen the eyes, lmao!

What will I do? Well some things I will likely not know until it is too late but I will do what any father figure should do …

1 Talk to the SCHOOL! Explain and make sure things are very clear.

2 Talk to the boy and teach him to play dumb until I can press upon …. the school boards to act before I rip them a new arsehole on this blog!!

3 As for the woman I was meeting not knowing this was me? Well I sound mad and angry not to mention miserable all the time, this is so not true!

4 But many people I am now extremely mad about what happened to this little boy!! Of this I can most definitely assure you!!

This is just a few days after his school lost sight of him when he disembarked after a school trip! That was funny as I watched a red faced overweight teacher running around the back of the school and another running around the otherside. I was thinking what a bad school as they have mislaid a whole class when it turned out he had wandered off home on his own.

I knew the boy I was concerned about this but was sure he was sharp enough to get home safely and we rang home and he had. The mum was explaining to Chris on the phone of what happened while I was giving her funny looks because I knew the boyfriend did not like the boy. After coming off the phone I stated that she should not have done that as for the next 20 minutes they are alone and I was now worried more about that then him getting home alone!

Unfortunately for the boy I was correct again as even he accepts I often am because I simply do not deal with bullshit.

How did I know the mum was beginning to get it?

Because she said ‘When [the boy] tells you something that you do not know, you say ‘Oh, I did not know that?! But I now realise others do not and Chris starts swearing at him calling him a know it all [4*]’ starts in ‘C’ and ends in ‘T’!

I then said this was my fault and I should have realised due to the area they live and how rough it is and the types of people that live there. I had said this some time ago but got my head chewed off at the base of the neck! So I stopped’.

To say being right all the time is a curse would be wrong because I am not as even this mum know realises.

But knowing as much as I do truly is a curse is till extremely true to the letter!

Now I cannot tell you how to successfully deal with bullies, but it might be a good place to start by hiding the thing they hate? So be smart, work out what it is and hide it or find a way to make it seem less … threatening … or less appealing as a target!

Maybe I should offer myself out to do talks in schools? Hah, I joke but after a meeting with the school I now need to make it may well be put to me.

CRIKEY!! I would rather have my own bullies bullying me?! LMFAO!


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