Well just come across this report regarding the paedophile ring that includes politicians, or supposed to, and the number of twenty was mentioned. Twenty!

At the thought if this new number and lest we forget these are the ones that were known about, just as the celebrities are the only ones we know, one has to shudder at the possibility of the number of victims of them all because of the extended time we are talking about here.

I simply do not understand how this has happened and how there had not been unrest that has turn London into pieces over this?!

One young cocky black kid stupid enough to carry  a gun gets shot and there are riots everywhere. Dozens and dozens of famous celebrities and politicians abuse kids and not a murmur!! My spine tingles and shivers for all the wrong reasons!

Given the choice, I would take the bullet but it seems most if the British Public think that sexual abuse of children is more acceptable than gun toting thugs getting shot?!


What I would find to completely make sense was to find out that all the victims and those close to the victims ask became anarchists?!

Now that would make perfect sense and even without this I am beginning to think anarchists had the right idea all along?!

Now I cannot believe that I just typed that!

For those that do not know I stumbled across my own paedophile rings in the worst ways imaginable.

For those that do not get why I say some things and where the venom cones from well there is a very long list and you simply have not read enough! That remark about paedophile rings was just two of the dishes of things I lived through and find out about and had to do something about.

You will find over time an absolute disregard for children, child safety, disabled people and anyone else that has less that around a quarter of a million pounds that week leave you in a child sweat like you have never known all in this blog and with the required documentary, secretly recorded audio and video to prove all of them.

Think the Ombudsman are there to watch all these?! Think again as I have evidence regarding what they actually do for your hard earned taxes!!

Hmm do you know it never occurred to me to wonder whether or not I have set off petiole doing what I did in other countries?! Lol. Salt it would only take someone having been through a number that I have and survived that would have the guts to do it and understand what I did. Others would simply need to keep reading and this would take the to six months before raising the brutal and whole truth.

I have had people know about one single subject and that state they have been through things many times worse, based in one subject they read?! Err no!

I think you will find once you have read the entire story, not just the bits that interest you, you would not make remarks like that and you will ask me what Doctors, yes some do, and trainees Doctors and Psychiatrists have done … ‘How are you still alive and not insane?!’

When you have had a few dozen Doctors make that remark then come and talk to me because I fit one would be shocked to hear a story worse than mine.

People in passed cells or mental health institutions do not count, I said survived and that meant unaffected. Well not having my mental health harmed … too much, Lol! Oh feck me Google, not again?!

Anyway you have a story that beats mine then you have the grounds for a truly superior blog to mine …

Oh and like another guy said that someone must have done what I did, well no. No one bothers because they think it’s a waste which is why I did it! To everyone!

To everyone! That there is the key thing I did it to everyone which is a figure of speech but it’s a darn site closer to the truth than you might think.

I would say with government and public services I covered around 80 to 90 percent! Many times over two.

Take Police Forces … there are many … I did two … mist would only do one if they did anything at all. Then add secret service’s to that list!

Local Councils? Most would do one. I did four!

Ombudsman? 80% of them! Umm may well be a higher percentage … oh darn it the list … no it’s gone … again! There was a list I was meant … Ombudsman cists to the taxpayer in their entirety?! The number if then too! There are a huge number … I came across

Around 40 ombudsman but recalling finding another 15 to 20, none if which do what they claim, or insinuate they do!

And so on and so forth! That was the idea!

Not to show that this one was out that one was and have people think it was an isolated case. It was hard to cover MORE than one in one area and this is where the stuff I was collecting together for twenty years or more came into play. Especially with the fur Councils and the NHS.

Fecking Gooooooogle!!! Bold font I now cannot turn off!

Except from this point! They will be the name that one day everyone wished never existed! Mark my words!

Now where was I?! Oh yeah private companies …

Shop Direct who own Isme, Very and Littlewoods Catalogues, Argos, B&Q and now PC World. Can’t think of any other private companies … really. Still … an impressive collection anyone would agree.

But just a small list among much longer lists of much bigger names!

Bahhh-humbug!! Lol!

Abuse ‘evidence of 20 public figures’


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