My email I decided to send then and decided to … enlighten them a little, lol.


Dear Geoff Hampshire

I am writing to you again regarding my decision for DLA and PIPS.
As I suspected, and indeed planned, I have not had a reply nor a decision regarding my case and I am informed that my case still rests with you?
Now as I recently, unknown to you, had a Guy’s Hospital appointment regarding the condition I may or may not have told you about, as I diagnosed it myself, I also expected that everyone would conspire to try and make dirty my credibility that I have on the Internet due to the fact I have been recording everyone to prove that which I stated previously. Trust me when I state that I have long since done this though you may already know if you organisations all keep each other informed.
At the appointment at Guy’s Hospital with a Doctor Kirkham he spotted something with my right knee going by visual clues only and grabbed my leg just above the patella and requested I tense up my leg which resulted in a quite unexpected and seering pain in my right knee where I was too busy clucthing to hear what it was he stated was wroong with it and told this was separate to my Fibromyalgia.
After the diagnosis of both things and promised a letter prescribing Pregabalin going to my GP I full expected them to wait and see if I stated on my now infamous blog whether I had recorded the appointment? Once convinced I had not the letter become a rather bizarre one and I was made to llok like a liar my then current GP was in on and all on my blog …
1 Letter was only one side of A4 paper long and two thirds were my medical history
2 No mention of test on knee, me screaming out in pain or even the knee condition were listed on said letter
3 No prescribing of Pregabalin was given, by Guy’s Hospital, and they prescribed Gabapentin which I had told them no as I had a cupboard full of the stuff and it made me ill, I only attended Guy’s Hospital for the proper drug, which is not Pregabalin and is indeed Sodium oxybate that neither GP nor Guy’s had heard of?! Failing the one and only correct drugs I wanted at least to be prescribed Pregabalin. It was insinuated and inferred that I had lied about this.
4 Despite two thirds of letter being my medical records the fact is and was that they did not have them and neither did my GP! FACT!!!
5 Indeed I was waiting for a letter from yourselves with a decision that would drop yourselves and the DWP right in at the deep end.
6 Notes: I met Nick Debois face to face who informed me that it was the Tories that knew you were up to no good and got rid of you, I simply corrected him on that one! I recorded that too!
The attachments are of the letter from Guy’s Hospital stating that I have Fibromyalgia albeit vague and do not worry about this because in picture two is a copy of the DVD I recorded of the Guy’s Hospital appointment in ite entirety showing that I was telling the truth and that everyone else was not!
I also have the recording of my GP who then requested that I turn off my recording equipment and then you hear us row and he get cocky about not prescribing drugs because of the letter from Guy’s, it then gets quite interesting when I slam the DVD of the recording on his desk and say “Well you just sat there and stated that you will not give me the drugs unless prescribed by the Doctor at Guy’s, so there is a recording of him stating this in his own words and is far better evidence than your sill crappy and intercepted piece of paper crap!”
Like the GP before him who also kicked me off he failed to listen to yet another recording and a different one at that!
Michael Meacher MP has been using my data from my blogh against you and Iain Duncan Smith in the House of Commons and this was INDEED explained to Nick Debois in person.
I explained to you when you lied and tried to trick me that you would not win, no way and no how against me.
The DVD is a tiny fraction of what I have and its all quite legally acquired and published, anyone that does noty like it shold not take positions that are paid for by the taxpayers because that means you work for us and you will be made my bitches!
Now I believe I have without a doubt and leaving no margin for escape or error, proved my point.
I also am baing contacted by many interested parties and this will gather apace with gusto in the latter half of 2014.
Shocked? Well so you should be and if you are then I simply have but one question … why, did they not inform you of what I was doing as they have known for many, many months I was doing it! The NHS knew I was doing it from October 2013 and easily proved and likely longer.
Do you know the Achilles Heel when it comes to corrupt organisations ripping of the taxpayer? No?
Neither can rely on the other to be trusted! Easy pickings!
Now I trust you can now make a decision on my claim? FORTHWITH?!
Martin Haswell BSc
PS I can have the disks or any of the 100GB of data made available to you, you need but to ask!

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