I have posted a great many posts since I started this blog and one thing I have alluded to many a time previous is that there seems to me to be a great many deals between companies to control various things.

For starters there was my issue regarding both Nikon and Argos and that after several correspondences with each one, asking with being ignored by Nikon Japan, I could conclude that in my opinion everyone knew that the cameras being sold were refurbished, or rather not!

I believe there are a great many agreements and it is obvious that this is intended to manipulate, defraud or control using a workaround as it is otherwise illegal.

Now here is a report that states this has gone on between Apple, Intel, Adobe and Google. In fact Google seem to be in the headlines mite and more mostly for the wrong reasons. I also have a sneaking suspicion this wool continue to increase in frequency which I have also predicted previously.

Now this report is by the BBC involving the settling of a court case where they agreed not to poach each others staff! I find this a little of if I am honest.

On one hand there is the fact that they were likely trying to put a stop to the ever rising salaries forced by the poaching of rivals staff which I thought from day one was utterly incompetent. Brought upon by their own desire to out compete each other. This is a prime example of where the current system is wrong is wrong, had been for a long time and a bomb waiting to go off!

What is wrong about this practice is the fact that those setting the rules have no issues with the fact that their salaries are far higher then those they are controlling.

However, in an odd twist this move kind of made sense. I shall explain…

It matters not what thoughts or opinions are because despite opinions sounding great it’s no use if it’s not workable. For a very long time while everything was going up so did the wages which came about mostly by campaigning and strikes. Because everyone was only used to everything going up no one saw this as an issue. Think ‘Cloud Cuckoo Land’ here to see what I am getting at.

Now to be fair those that conspired were not aware of these facts, as I seemed to be the only one that knew the financial crisis was coming. I can also say that in fairness to the campaigners the issues of pay was driven by something else. Something that had completely ruined my life along with other factors that I am now trying to correct. This has become a great deal easier since I diagnosed myself after the dozen IDIOT NHS staff either lied or were incompetent. Trust me both applies here but to what ratio I could not tell you. I will leave that to the others who no doubt are brevetting away on this and may have done so for the last year now? Unless my conspiracy prediction about them turns out to be true also?! Lol! Or they are just incompetent and vastly overpaid too? The whole issue of this forcing up of wages comes down to one major factor, which is the number one thing everyone needs and wants and the most important item they will ever but if they can ever afford it!

House prices!

Of course everyone owning one loves to make money while sitting on their arses so spouting hypocrites if they point fingers at jobless people! So when the house prices rose they rubbed their hands together, just as my penny counting grandfather did. Only what many failed to realize and rather selfishly so is that eventually this would backfire as their own children and grandchildren would not be able to buy their own home!

The major factor in recent times is that house prices have continued to rise, because of a very few unwise, greedy and lazy people, while salaries slowed down and even stopped completely.

Now I have always known that this would become a major issue! I also knew that a recession was coming five years before it started and many family members and friends who actually disagreed with me at the time would confirm this fact today.

The refusal of public services from Local Government up to Central Government to build social housing to save done fecking cash that was not theirs to do so only compounded the issue.

So what we have ate all these tiers in society and some of them a very far apart from each other. No one wants to come down any notches and while everything was going fine no one stopped to think about anyone else including their own family members.

What I absolutely bloody love about it is that those at the top with far too much want to point fingers at those at the bottom who do not have enough! I I even begin to go into how wrong and how immoral this is on so many levels. Also the absolute stubbornness of those I allude to is absolutely stunning and it’s quite obvious that they possess nothing in the way of wisdom or the midst basic of common sense! Mathematics is also not a strong point either but I bet they would be at the front of the queue for tickets of the planet after they have single handedly managed to destroy it?!

This way they can either return to Earth and destroy it all over again or fly to a new planet, possibly in another stars system and begin destroying that too?!

Talking to someone today along these lines, though cannot remember exactly but bankers were mentioned, I stated what I strongly believe is the problem in this country and likely many others. In fact I have an ex mate who himself was a prime example to this …

We have far too many Kings and Queens!

People who get to the top and then want to sit on their arses expecting everyone before then to work their butts off for them and even fall in their sword for them! Good job I do not work for someone like that, let me tell you!

Now to give you some kind of contrast I shall tell you of what I ask myself often and of late the question pops up far more frequently!

It is safe to say that in excess of 15 things in the pipeline and several other things banging around inside my noggin. Now a great many of them have the potential to pay off in a big way and will do so to! I just cannot tell you when. By the end of this year our by the end of next I would have accrued a substantial amount of money that would stop all the worrying and provide me with the things I have gone without for so very long. This week be at the expensive of some large organizations whether they currently know it or not. Now both if and when this happens I ask myself what I am going to do with myself! As I stated this I ask myself more often of late.

I cannot sit on my arse all day. I could not spend my days up a golf course each and every day, even if I was fit and any good at golf! I would need to be occupied and doing something productive.

Now I have had over a dozen things blazing through my greet mater from time to time and I really should start a list up. Some of these you may well find stashed away in posts on this blog! I know of certain ones I have mentioned and feel fairly sure of a few others. But no doubt some I would not have done and new ones pop up every now and then.

Too many Kings and Queens! When I said that my friend said “Yeah, your right you know!”

When I was a child it was always pressed upon me by my superiors about setting examples. It seemed to be a key thing they wanted to impress upon the younger generation but when I look at society in Great Britain I realize that asking the way something went terribly wrong. Those at the top should be setting examples and to be fair they have. Surprised? Week if I now state that they have set all the worst examples that they ever could? Ahhh see?

I suppose in any hierarchy everyone wants to be the one that is above them. Yet I have airways found that nitre often than not they are twats! I never wanted to be like them at all! This is something I cannot get through to a member of my family!

You need to have done something I have found inspiring and this has rarely occurred! Whether this is good achievements or discoveries that benefit many that is what I look for.

There are previous few people I can honestly say that about in the UK and might sound harsh but even some that I did I discovered were not all that they appeared to be. Quoting things from scripts and sounding like you know what your talking about is easy. Being put on the spot and then taking a long pause before umm’ing an ahh’ing trends to give you away.

I do hope I see these things change before I die and that decisions are made on people based on merit and not what they look like.

It is a nationwide TV reality show that should be called The Great British Talent show. Or maybe that is Acting show? Or liars show? Lol!

Everything feels manufactured and badly so. Either that are we are bombarded by these talent shows and appears to be most people’s priorities? Scientists finding an Earth like planet that is habitable? Yeah, that’s nice. Someone standing in front of a pleb like Simon Cowell and it’s a car of screening and cheering until their faces turn blue and even the News media are obsessed with these things and are see as entertainment.

A show about making people into vastly over paid stars that everyone watches because they wish or want it to be them!

Or maybe because they can turn around years later and say ‘you was there’ when this pop star that lasted five minutes and your grandchildren have never heard of and poke fun at you for reminiscing about?!

Then year later they get found out for evading millions of pounds in taxes while stashing it in the only place left available when is an abandoned oil rig in the north sea save a few Fulmers, Herring Gulls and Greater Black Gulls?!

The world is being poisoned, animals are becoming extinct regularly, many are endangered, the Japanese want to hunt and shoot Whales, Badgers are being shoot dead for no reason and Global Warming is not being dealt with correctly but none if this matters. As long as you do not miss X Craptor along with Corrie and EastBenders!!


That is how I see it.

Damn it, I digress yet again! Now what was I talking about?

Oh yes realistic conspiracies.

Tech giants settle hiring court case


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