Very odd for a Russian but Putin is bad at Chess!

I granted him far too much intelligence because his latest actions are … stupid and will not end well.

You see President Putin has failed to reside that the Americans like to talk big and do it with passion and gusto. Putin has rather naively called there bluff. Yet he fails to realise that when others they feel like they have to act because of all the bravado. To not note take any action they week see as showing themselves to be weak and do of hot air.

If Putin gambled on this he got it very wrong and I am now genuinely worried. This concern has only escalated when I heard a report that Russian aircraft have entered Ukrainian airspace!

That is like sticking two fingers up at the American government and military and they simply will not like that!

Plus they are claiming that the west is interesting in getting the land and the Americans only have themselves to Blane fur to the talk of missiles in the Czech Republic and have opened themselves up to criticism and primarily being accused of double standards themselves.

This is because years ago the Russians attempted to do the exact save thing and everyone thought we was in the verge of World War 3!

That was, of course, the Cuban Missile Crisis.

So now you have the two largest super powers neither of which why to lose face but neither can now back down.

This is not good, not good at all. I just hope one of them does back down but I simply cannot call it between the two of them. Like expecting equal sized alpha make wolves to back away from each other?! Lol.

Russian jets ‘entered Ukraine space’ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/27167187


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