Are now there you go … some crap about Europe, yet again!

Am I disappointed? No! Lol!

After all had he wanted to talk what do you think I would be thinking? He he! Borllacks, that’s what.

I could not have been convinced by idle … twaddle!

In instead it is regarding a subject I for one am bored to years of hearing about!

In fact I do not know what to think as those that complain about Europe I am not sure if they are laying the troubles, err reasons, regarding how inhuman they are too the public being the fault of Europe?! But then I think that Europe does not give a crap about the English people? In fact that is a card in my pack I have YET to play!

In fact the only two things that get blamed for the inhuman baton that Britain had become and the way they treat their own is all about money and it is all about benefit claimants and Europe! That’s it and that’s all!

It’s nothing else is it? Nothing else could possibly be to blame? Not the narrow minded utter greed of those that possess no common sense whatsoever and the only life they ever encounter outside members of parliament are the fairies at the bottom of their gardens!



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