Well this is a shock!

This cannot be right?! I just got home from a mates house speaking about our issues and this blog.

He is one that has found it for himself what is going on in a way we both wish he had not. I do not really want others finding out the hard way and was the foremost reasons I started the blog. I new this would be unavoidable in most cases and for that I would be both sorry as well as carry some guilt.

Despite what misty people may believe, as it matters not, about me the reality you may find turns out somewhat differently. Doing something long before now may well have prevented a great deal of tragedies but it was not for the want of trying, and try I did.

Just like I stated to someone just a few days ago as yet another tragedy code to home gets unfolded for me piecemeal and by others there might seem to be no path through. Your chosen avenue may well become blocked. It may have all seemed to be for naught?! But remember these following words …

There is always a path through!

In fact what will happen is that several people within my own personal life will soon see that I have trail blazed a bloody wide path through showing how to achieve things? They will also realize and remember that I have been doing this for getting closer to two years, in August 2014 to be precise. So if I can set out the clear path for others to waltz through how many others have I already shown the way?! How many more will I show the way over the next 12 months?!

How many of those people will tell others the way through either pre or post their own endeavors?!

So despite the fact that I think the email in the screen shot is something else entirely you can guess how confusing it was? I had an email from the biscuit woman coating how wonderful that she and her party is so I guess it’s a standard email sent out? I get one saying they are from Ed Milliband too and I think I have George Osborne ones too. Quite how they got my email addresses I do not know. Oh will Michael Meacher had it but there is no way he would have allowed it in the hands of any Tories?!

Unless of course they realised I have attached them all so are tag teaming me?! Lmao!

What am I harping on about I hear you thinking right now?! Well that email in the screen shot starting it is from David Cameron asking me “Are you free on Monday?!” A little while after speaking to Nick DeBois briefly and mentioning Michael Meacher MP (backbench) and you do start to wonder. Also let’s not forget I have used all their names as keywords so people interested can read a quite different view on those begging for their support so they can at least make an informed decision? Even it it turns out to be the wrong one! Lol.

So I am going to guess now, as I have not opened it, that it is some TV debate David Cameron is in he thinks I should watch?! No chance! Maybe there is some vote? Nah I don’t think so as I am not listed in the voting register. Maybe he is going to be in some live televized show of compassion for some cause or purpose that they hour will make him think he died indeed have CHRISTIAN VALUES?!

Good luck with that last one! Let me know how that turns it for you!

I can never predict if I am going to be free or even fit on any day! I can only plan ahead to the best of my abilities and how for the best.

Now I should really go and open it and see what it is they want me to see or hear? Or indeed find out if David Cameron is indeed intending to knock on my door this coming Monday?!

Now how many things can I due at him to get him to say the word bigoted? Lol!


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