First up before I move onto the subjects of this blog I need to make an apology.

While out today I suddenly realised that I had not rounded up that last post correctly and in my defense I was doing it at 3.30am after not being able to lseep yet again and then suddenly got tired out of the blue!

So I was speaking about the wonder material Graphene and computer chips along with the fact I need to build a new one! I also stated that the tiny transistoirs and pipeline in silicon chips measure somewhere between 20 and 40 atoms across but I could be remember that measurement incorrectly I admit.

Now what I failed to explain is that they have been hitting problems getting that size down further resulting in more heat. This was not the case previously which is why long ago it was about increasing the MHz, the frequency of the clocked speed of the processor measured in switching each second with 1MHz meaning one million cycles, and now its about cores and power consumption while the clock speed has not moved on much in the last 5 years, which seems to have stagnated between 3GHz and 4GHz with 5GHz only achievable in overclocking, meaning more heat. Oh and yes the GHz means 1,000 million cyles per second meaning a billion if your American. Lol! Oh an yes that is multuplied by how many cores you have. Yadda, yadda, yadda …

I also briefly mention quantum computing and that an single atom can hold three values, based on the direction the atom is spinning which can be left, right or both! Yes trust me on this and the very essense or base of quantum mechanics is based on this discovery that atoms can spin in two direction at once! The best way to describe it in a laymans and therefore understandible way is to imagine two intangible atoms occupying the same space with one spinning one way and the other spinning the other. Trust me when I say they are still trying to fully understand this. Whether this reveals something to do with anti-matter (I very much doubt), dark matter (I doubt even more) or something they are working on in Cern with the God particles (Bosons) or Quarks or some such remains to be seen.

If it was possible to take all current microchips and provide all transistors with the capability of having one extra value each to store it may not sound like much but let me tell you that this would result in a phenomenal leap!

Now if I then remind you the reader that currently measurements in chips is at a few dozen atoms across …

Then I remind you that Graphene is as strong as steel when created but that this is one atom thick which arranges itself into a honeycomb pattern and why it is so tough!

Now take micropchip design, graphene and quantum computing and mix them all up in a cooking pot and the results could be something quite startling and possibly head headlines for a long time!

Imagine a suit you cpould wear that is flexible and yet as strong as steel?!

There is a reason that the largest househol names in technology from every part of the globe queued up to buy the rights to manufacture this stuff themselves. I cannot remember all the names but they were all there and Samsung was one and all other big names like them all signd up to the stuff!

Quite unfortuanetly and for a load of reasons, some selfish by idiots that are military leaders and governments and other pratts, our technology along with many other things has stagnated in recent years. That has now become a rpimary issue is the problems we have now and the world needs a few leaps and a few wow factors to give it a boot up the arse. It also needs several areas of people to hold their hands up and accept that times have changed and that there way of life is now outdated and in need of something new. Nope sorry twats, no getting around it if your reading this as you all own horses but forgotten the very oldest saying that involves your equine friends. You can LEAD a horse …


Well I can actualy but thats because when I was around horses a lot I had a completely different set of training to that of 95% of English riders which is all arse about face and wrong. Well from what I saw at any rate and indeed I was often asked how in the hell I managed to do things with horses that I did. Because someone that understands them used to tell me and show me, that is how!

Well that is the finishing up done and today I had to go on the hunt for food for my animals as my usual source had run dry. Weather crap and upon leaving the house it felt cold and I wondered about taking a light jacket but knew that I would end up too hot and left it. I struggled a bit at times and I was struck down by a pain in an area I had not experienced before directly below my left knee! It struck like lightning several times and I nearly ended up on the floor in a market nearby!

After about 30 minutes it seemed to pass and I was hoping it was a one off and not a new pain that will eventually return lead to an increase in frequency as this would be too bloody much!!As I was worrying about this possibility I realised I was boiling hot and sweating and yet the weather had remained the same. I was cursing my condition and thinkiong I fecking KNEW this would happen and good job I did not put a jacket on!

On arriving home I had a call on my mobile from an unknown number and I really do not like answering these as it is always an idiot asking for money that fai.s to understand the basic principles of mathematics combined with reality?!

It was whoevcer now owneed the Student Loans Company asking to set up a direct debit despite me telling them umpteen times that the problems remain the same, none of which are to do with me but the government, told her how I had been taken to court twice and they had lost and my condition along with the question the Parliamentary Health Services Ombudsman asked me.

The lady actually was quite helpulf after stating this which was in complete contrast to every other correspondence. She also admitted that she had no information regarding what I stated and said that it could not have been passed on by the SLC?!

Hmm sounds like a bunch of liars sold a big concern to another greedy bunch of liars and lied to them about certain … FACTS?!

Hmm … another possible news story for sometime in the future do you think?!

Of course the Students Loan Company waqs orginally government owned and was sold off AFTER I got my degree. So the owners may realise before long that things were not forthcoming on certain aspects of people’s accounts and that they bought this … concern when a long term recession was right up the road along with the fact that the government stopped filling in the forms for you! Part of an agreement so the new owners can send bai;liffs to your door?!


Oh yes and I told her about the bailiffs and I said that companies llike jers were utter morons, because bailiffs make more out of their victims than the companies they represent there simply is no point to taking anyone to court who has had bailiffs round as they would have taken everything and left nothing for no one else.

I could tell her realisation of this reality was a problem that no one had considered. She will probably think tonight that companies like hers have actually managed to screw everything up by simply breaking a few laws and turning a blind eye so that they get something. Meaning the only people that have actually benefit are not even the public services who have failed to realise but by their own actions have wasted loads of money chasing ghosts because all poseessions have been taken and sold by those they hired to beat the crap out of you to get your stuff!

YEAHHH I could have explained it that simply to the councils and any others that do this …; but then WHERE IS THE FUN IN THAT?!

Or to put it another way … I like to spend a long time going around the houses to ecplain things by actually handing over on a silver platter all the clues to them strike at a later date to make them look the utter incompetent idiots that they are!

Why has it all gone wrong by using the current methods?! I can simply answer that with a very old saying. AN old saying that you will immediately state is true and have heard for years. Only when I first heard this saying I said … Oh dear! That will not end well, let me tell you that for nothing. Understand that when you are reminded of this saying it realise it is true for a long time simply remember that I say this … that this is why you have complete morons in important high paid positions and why the fell they have the right to huge sums of money even though they have proven themselves to the world they are idiots.

I will now give you a clue that theyt not only do not need to study for bloody years like I did but make a mockery of almost all higher educations!

If you have not managed to work it out, as I was rambling on with clues to see if you suddenly realise what that old saying is I refer to then it is …

It is NOT WHAT you know, but WHO YOU KNOW!

I never dreamed how all these old sayings would become so very useful to me eventually to show everyone up as the greedy incompetent morons that lack any basic fundamental knowledge nor common sense and you can completely forget wisdom!

LMAO. I rest my case! For now!



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