I refer to this bring a disease because it spreads like an airborne and virulent virus!

The fact that this is regarding the NHS yet again and the term ‘disease’ seemed quite apt. Especially add they have no capability of controlling certain diseases! Lol!

Here is a Labour MP who complained about her husband treatment by hospital staff in Wales! Yup you could say it has died like a virus.

What was of not to me is how this turning your back on people from public services right up into government, all the way to the PM himself, was always going to affect people higher up until someone code or linked to the government would be affected. This was likely always what it was going to take to make the blind open their eyes. I would say that an MP is pretty close!

I do not know why this attitude exists, really I don’t. I could their a few theories around, like maybe after years of striking to get higher wages now they are being run on a skeleton crew and are all cheesed off? That is one! Or maybe the ones gotten rid of were the honest ones and they did not fit in the governments plan because they need amoral people willing to lie and cheat?! That is another! This would then leave the majority of staff being those that should never be allowed in medicine!

Odd is it not that you have all these organizations out there paid vast sums in salaries to watch over things like this? What the blue blazes have they been doing?! What are they doing?

Oh yeah I forgot! I put them all to the test and still am, they do nothing for as long as they think they can get away with it. Well that is until someone far more intelligent and cunning comes along and decides to pull them to rank while gathering up a huge amount of evidence that certainly a large majority of them are refusing to treat or incapable or testing patients. Pulling them to rank is somewhat of an understatement really.

Quite unfortunately for them this all came together for me when they have had issues and been under the microscope, so to speak, where the media is concerned!

But was it?

You see I gave them media a fair bit of evidence to go on what must be the years ago!

I was under no illusion that what with the amount I provided that this would take a long time to … ‘sink in’. I knew it would take many months to Wade through everything and the same or longer to chase up stories for themselves. Indeed I stated quite clearly to them that they would not have to travel far from their offices to find some disturbing things going on! After all I had experienced the difficulties, refusals of help/referrals/pills and lies for years and 100% of the time. So I was not going out on a limb when I stated this.

Whether this is all done kind of plot to provide the health service, as someone I know quite madly accused the Tories of doing, can only be true if the previous Labour Party in power had already planned this out! Someone certainly planned this out a long time ago! Make no mistake on that because I cannot believe that this many people are quite that stupid and naive! Saints preserve us!

But then it would explain how I have done so much and to state that suffer with delusions of grandeur where intelligence was concerned would be a grandeur understatement!

I have been asked of late if I have heard anything and the answer is no and I think this is taken as a bad sign by this that ask, I do not. The longer it takes means that they have decided that I am quite correct, like I need to know that, and there is no getting out of it. So there must be some investigation going on even if it’s because they are having trouble finding a plausible excuse for all this knowing dam well now that I have an impressive sized audience growing at an even more impressive rate?!

So if dunces and suffering delusions then it could well be that the penny has dropped? Then, of course, the bad penny needs to be passed around so that everyone is aware of what will occur?!

I date say there are a few Doctors and specialists from my medical history being informed and wondering if I will name them?

You bet your area I will name them! I did state this awhile ago now and I keep forgetting to do it! Lol! They have all bend written down bar a few I need to go through my paperwork for.

Normally when large organizations are up to no good and the so called watchdogs are only watching for those they are supposed to be watching they normally have a set of excuses and lines to give out to fob people off. I have recordings of many of these lines. Just the other day I was explaining how a Sargent Kate Roberts of Merseyside Police called me as she was handling a complaint, as was the IPCC. I explained that she stared she would call me back in two weeks time as that is how long it takes to investigate. I told this person that 5 weeks went by so I wrote to her asking why I had not heard from her!

I then explained the best but that she rang me and started going through things like it was the first time we had spoken and was starting it from scratch?! It got worse when she literally quoted word for word what she stated over 5 weeks earlier and I realised it was a script and that they were not only lying but had now done this twice!

If you can go back and find the nine page report from them you will not that they claimed to have acted correctly despite the fact they could not locate either of the two policeman that were involved in one complaint! Nor could they find any trace of the two blond police, plain clothes, who visited my daughter’s property very late one night to ask questions!! Mind you I believe that these were agents for the security services so therefore the Police would have no clue about them anyway. Just to be completely fair! Lol!

If you wondering what I am on about then you need to go back in my posts for all the details regarding that! Far too long for me to type it all out again and I write online so I only need to do it once! True to do it in sequence so my dazed memory banks don’t go over it again.

Now it just remains to be seen what will unfold? Of course there are certain things in progress at the same time which will actually criss cross! I was asked about this recently and had to explain. I started one thing off so that when one other thing was in progress the first would do their thing, meaning lie, cheat, forget, lose and ask the other things they do to not hero people. This would get a blank yet again for the umpteenth time and yet just as it does the other thing then gets finished up so that there is still the for week period to … appeal! Of course there is a factor, or person, that links these two together and if my timing is right their while setup collapsed in on itself purely because they did it poorly and do not keep all those within … the circle in the loop, so to speak.

So an immediate and complete contradiction, oh OK LIE, is exposed they cannot get out of! Once this happens and it’s announced then the blame game starts as no one will want to get the Axe over it! Or indeed there could be another set of things to publish entirely?! Always have a back up plan and try not to forget, if your condition causes you memory issues of course?!


Most of Clwyd’s NHS claims rejected


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