Well it just gets stranger and stranger…

Here we are with the latest screen shot of my Blogs, or most of them, from Blogger…

7 Followers on Corruption blog since 22nd August 2012 and yet over 15,000 visitors.

Here on WordPress I have had…

18 Followers since 22nd April 2013 out of only 272 visitors?!

But the visitors over in Blogger are like 1,000 per week and rising?!

Total bonkers madness and I think that these organisations have been messing and manipulating the numbers so much and thinking about the money that they now have no idea what they are doing and making it look damn obvious they are up to no good, lol.

\it simply is quite stunning in my opinion how this has gone on and so many organisations have become so obssessed with money and power they never look over their shoulders or indeed clean up after themselves.

To me it is arrogance and ignorance towards the global general public, no wonder they try to ‘get in’ with countries who like to control their people, lol?!

Hmm his name IS Schmidt?! LMAO! Or as I like to refer to him as Shidt!

Oddly it is this treating everyone as stupid I find most amusing, but not perplexing, as it always turns out it is THEY who are stupid on a collosal scale too!

What also makes me laugh is that these tools are used by writers to try and make money because of another industry, publishing and literature, which to my mind has been screwed up by nad Literary Agents and Lazy Publishing Houses. I mean I am sitting on three books I have written and it has been a year since I have last approached any Literary Agents as regards to signing a contract. Two are on THIS very subject.

Despite me having had 23,000 visitors and rising at over 1,000 per week I have no thoughts nor plans to approach any anytime soon either!

I DO KNOW, however, that there is ONE agent that follows my corruption blog and has doe for 6 months now and follows me on Twitter, lol.

A series of court cases anyone?!




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