Right well here you are a screen shot of four clicks I have had!!

Now it took me awhile to figure out the whos who but this was the first program I joined about two weeks ago. But I did not hook up an ad straight away!

I took a few days to look through the various merchants and in parrticular the industries they cater for. To see who I would be best partnered with as it is a mutally benefiting arrangement. Also the ones I also know and trust too.

So somewhat interesting that I expected to go in this morning and see no clicks but actually see four registered?!

In theory if I had attributed all available space to these people, Affiliate Window, I could have amassed 16 clicks in a week?!?!

While Adsense has managed 37 in nine months?!?!

Even with just the one advert block its my estimation that Affiliate Window will pass Google Adsense in about a months time as thought his might appear to be 16 clicks they rise faster over time as you draw in ever more visitors.

So 4 one week might be 5 or even 10 the next week and the third week might be 6 or 15.

Diffilcult to say right now but the average weekly visitors climb with each month so should the number of clicks and ther number of eventual purchases.

Funny thing is I have just realised that when someone goes to a site from you and if they then buy something then from then on they are a member.

So in effect you only are going to get paid from the ones that only click over to their site from yours so the vast majority will be new customers.




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