Well, well, well.

It seems that this drug I have been prescribed is like nothing I have ever taken before!

I have spent to days feeling quite euphoric and somewhat high as a kite with the added feeling of being very tired and shying to nod off?!

A fair contrast to but being able to get to sleep a few days back!

This has occurred due to taking 200Mg of the drug over a few hours. Originally I was taking 100Mg at night and the only difference I noticed was not bring able to get to sleep. As the letter stated to up the fuse after 4 days and I was on day 6 I upped it myself!

This is the drug Gabapentin.

So for two days or more I have felt this increasingly if feeling and growing euphoria. Yesterday I took one around 9am and another about midday and from about 1pm.

Today I was up really as I feel asleep early last night. So I took one around 7pm then again around 10pm.

If I had taken 300Mg as I was first told to I have no idea how this would have effected me. The effects, or rather side effects may be the same across the board no matter what the disagrees is our the heavier the dose the worse they would be?!

Just have no idea, lol. Just hope that this current feeling dies down and I do seem to be convinced that for the first time every I have s drug that did something,  lol.

Very weird this feeling as I am so used to pain.

I have nodded off several times while typing this and my molar tooth is killing me every time I try to drink any liquids?!

So tomorrow I am going to have to tear strips off dentist as this is getting too much and I am not able to enjoy doing anything at all lol.

Surely soon I will finally be PAIN FREE?!

I do seen to be finally getting somewhere at coming last?! That roll be a very strange day if I ever reach it and referring to this event as a milestone just would not do the dirty justice! Lol.

Soldiering On.


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