Meaning to look at doing this for sometime but needed enough data to be able to do it and I lost some early figures I had.

I MAY be able to access these early figures and extend the charts but in all honesty I did not expect to see what I did?!

I did this for 7 blogs in all of which four are displayed here and in all honesty the lines make no sense.

Now if you take the corruption one alone there are a great many subjects and some will be inevitable more popular than others but there is NO evidence of this on the corruption blog chart and nor indeed are there any of the other line charts?!

I thought I had done something wrong?!?!

These are just too uniform and I know thre have been several times when I have posted about a topic that was hot news at the time just to see this spike.

I think that Google are picking and choosing how your blog is discovered in searches lol.

Peculiar at any rate.

The line should gradually become steeper as it moves from left to right….mm just had a thought I might know what it is I will need to go and look.




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